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    Bike Mudguards

    If there is one piece of kit which can help make road cycling in bad weather more comfortable, ie more bearable, it’s the humble mudguard. Keeping spray off the body helps keep you drier for longer and therefore can make a huge difference to your comfort and temperature regulation. You’ll be amazed at how much less water actually makes its way on to the body once road spray is eliminated. This is also handy in mechanical terms as it can keep dirt and grit away from the frame and some vulnerable parts prolonging the life of the bike. Mudguards keep feet drier and therefore warmer, this is one of the first visible differences you will notice when using them. Goodbye to the dirt spattered face or front of your jersey and no dark line up your back from water sent up by the back wheel means less chance of soggy rear unless of course it’s coming down from above. We have guards from Crud, Ass Saver, SKS, Topeak and more.