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Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Folding Road Tyre - 700c

Blue / Black / 700c / 23mm
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Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Folding Tyre - Blue Black
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As tyre designers , Schwalbe say the Ultremo is the pinnacle of their ambition.  They have strived relentlessly to increase its speed and installed the ZX with HD Speed and RaceStar Triple Compound. Both components are perfectly tuned to the requirements of an outstanding competition tyre. The result: Significant reduction in rolling resistance. Even though they used additional material to reinforce the tyre shoulders and to ensure a considerable increase in mileage.

  • Triple Star Compound:  Schwalbe have taken the development of Triple Compound a step further. In the course of innumerable series tests, prototypes, laboratory and practical tests they developed a system of highly specialised single compounds. They arranged these into Compound-Teams, each engineered to fulfil a specific job. The job description of the Ultremo ZX is "as fast as possible" so the Compound-Team is RaceStar Triple Compound.
  • High Density:  High Density Guard is a unique puncture protection technology only available from Schwalbe. No other bicycle tyre protection belt is as densely woven and this technology makes it possible to make a tyre that is both light in weight and with an extraordinary high level of puncture resistance. The latest version is HD Speed Guard that is focused on competition tyres. It provides the same level of protection but with significantly reduced rolling resistance.  



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***** on 25/05/2015

Bought these for my Tri Bike and I've used in wet and dry conditions with no problems. With a low road resistance they are a fast tyre.

***** on 11/05/2015

These tyres are fast. I`ve found them to be pretty resistant to punctures, even in winter, and use them always for Iron Man races.

***** on 09/05/2015

Brilliant tyres, fast grippy, light and look good in retro grey colour. Bargain price

***** on 05/05/2015

Excellent efficient service from merlin cycles. Tyres are now discontinued so I was getting an extra one to make a pair. These are fast tyres but the puncture resistance isn't great.

***** on 05/05/2015

Great tyre as always. Been using for a few years with great success and no issues (touch wood!)

***** on 03/05/2015

Bought these tyres for years! They are as tough as ..., hold the road well, last for miles and at Merlin Cycles prices, fantastic value!!! Need I say more

***** on 28/04/2015

This is my second set of these tyres. I have never had trouble with punctures even riding from London to Paris and the performance is great even in the wet.

***** on 24/04/2015

Used these tyres a number of time before always a great tyre!

***** on 23/04/2015

Great price. Light weight dependable tyres for training or racing.

***** on 09/04/2015

A brilliant tire that has a soft road feel. The closest I have found to tubulars. I have ridden these tires in New York City for the past three years and constantly encounter gravel, glass and rough pavement. Their puncture resistance is terrific. I've only experienced two flats in several thousand miles and one was from an unsurvivable piece of glass and the other from a 6" deep pothole hidden under water. No road tire would have survived these. The one thing to note is that these tires will not likely last you thousands of miles. I get about 1500 miles out of the rear tire and 2000+ on the front tire before the tread wears thin.

***** on 08/04/2015

Love these tyres. On my 2nd set now. Fast, yet give good grip.

***** on 03/04/2015

I love these tires, much lighter and better than my old brand I used to buy!

***** on 26/03/2015

I was recommended these tyres by a friend as I usually buy gatorskins or pucture protection, I haven`t been disappointed yet have been on a couple of 60+ miles so far, will be using these for my ironman training up to oct, seem faster so far

***** on 24/03/2015

5 star rating love these tyres, only buy Ultremo as I think these are the best road tyres available. Even better is the price which on merlin is the best around, it's just a shame ZX is no longer being made but I'm more than sure that the new one which is taking over will be as good, but it's still at a high price so I will wait till the zx have worn out to buy them

***** on 18/03/2015

Less than 2 weeks delivery to Australia. Ordered 4 tyres and free freight.
I am currently running with this tyre. 1500km and only one punchure on some bad roads. Seem to be wearing ok and very happy with grip and rolling performance. Great price on discontinued tyre.

***** on 18/03/2015

Fast and light tyres with pretty decent puncture resistance. I use them all year round. 190g per tyre.

***** on 10/02/2015

Great fast grippy tyre, good puncture protection too.

***** on 05/02/2015

I have raced on a few different tyres and these are by far my favourites. They are the best gripping tyre I have found, I can throw the bike into anything with complete confidence. The trade off for all that grip is durability, they don't last very long, but at half price they are well worth the money.

***** on 04/02/2015

They look great, even the Pink ones :) the off centre circumferential lines make the rims look even deeper. Due to weather I've not had chance to get out on them yet but they were infinitely easier to fit than GP4000II's, they can be fitted and removed with barely a lever touching them. The Conti's are horrifically tight. I am looking forward to the reduced watt's required and seeing how this translates on the road. Service, price and delivery were excellent.

***** on 04/02/2015

Put these on with a set of Fulcrum racing 3's and I fly! These are now my tyre of choice.

**** on 02/02/2015

A great balance between durability and speed.

***** on 30/01/2015

Never buy any other tyres. The best of the best. Super fast delivery as always from Merlin Cycles.

***** on 27/01/2015

Exactly as required. Very grippy tyre - second ones bought. Love them

**** on 02/09/2014

Long time user of the Ultremo ZX and love them. Extremely lightly, smooth, fast and corner brilliantly. You sacrifice some durability and puncture resistance for the pleasure of rolling so smoothly and as a result, I probably I wouldn't recommend them for UK winter use. I use them all year round and as I ride on Australian roads that don't suffer from as much accumulated debris as UK roads, so puncture resistance isn't as important. I do above average mileage and find the rear tyre tends to last about 9-10 months. The front goes for about 12. Less than Conti or Michelin equivalents, but by no means terrible. The grip also seems to last longer than competitors and tends to remain right up until the tyre needs replacing.

One thing I would say is that the 23mm is a true 23mm and noticably wider than the equivalent GP4000, hence its a good halfway house for people who don't have the clearance for a 25mm tyre.

5 stars for class leading performance, but 4 for durability that falls below competitors offerings.

***** on 01/09/2014

Got to say I'm really impressed with these tyres. Had been using Michelin Krylion's and Schwalbe Durano S's for cycling round my home ground of the Chilterns (lots of flints/ravel on the roads) and I bought these for a French trip. They were fantastic, great grip but very quick too. Perhaps even more surprising though - no punctures to date, even though i've carried on using them back at home - I'm a convert.

***** on 29/08/2014

I've been using these for 2 years, this was a replacement for a front that was cut badly during ride London. They seem fast, and compared to my cycling partner who runs conti's, have good puncture resistance.

***** on 12/08/2014

Excellent tyre. ..They roll really well. Feel alive. Put them with latex inner tubes and they`re brilliant. ..recommend definitely. Jinksy

**** on 16/07/2014

I use Ultremos for crits, road races and any event when I want to get a fast time as they are astonishingly fast - perhaps quicker than my GP4000S, The rear is now the durano and I'd certainly recommend this if you do high milage great price on these ultremos from Merlin Cycles along with quick delivery,what more do you want.My daughter loves these tyres,has rode them when riding for wales

***** on 09/07/2014

First class tyres, have been using them for the last 3 years, very quick, find myself braking when going down hill to stop myself from running into the other riders.

***** on 03/07/2014

Grippy, fast rolling, decent durability

***** on 01/07/2014

What is there to say about this tire that hasn't already been said. I normally ride Conti Gaotrskins for their bullet-proof durability, so I was not ready for the huge difference in ride quality the Ultremo's provide. Most noticable in the corners while descending, the Ultremo's also feel faster to me on the flats. I ordered the 23c version (I live in California), and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly they arrived. Thank you Merlin!

***** on 28/06/2014

Superb summer tyre, fast, responsive and reasonably durable. Its a joy to get these back on the bike after the winter slog

***** on 19/06/2014

Really good tyres roll fast and seem to have good puncture resistance

**** on 18/06/2014

Great tyres, had no problems with the previous ones so will keep using them.

***** on 13/06/2014

Very fast rolling tyre. Not done many miles on it yet but pleased with first impressions. Looks nice too just a shame the logo's didn't come in white and not silver but hey ho

***** on 05/06/2014

Done about 100 miles so far, very fast, look fantastic and give a really comfortable ride. Can't comment on reliability but all good so far.

***** on 03/06/2014

Excellent tyre, fast rolling

***** on 02/06/2014

Superb clincher tyres - lightweight, fast & smooth rolling and with good grip for a slick tyre - what more can you ask for? Obviously these are best suited to dry/smoother road conditions, however, after a couple of hundred miles on them they continue to perform fantastically well. The choice of colours is a nice bonus to 'bling' up your bike. I can't comment on overall longevity yet but they were cheap enough for this to not really be much of an issue!

***** on 30/05/2014

A little unsure of how these would stack up against the Michelin Pro 4's.

They're lighter and a lot easier to mount on my wheels. They're supposed to roll fast and while I haven't felt it myself, my avg speed says otherwise. Perhaps I'm just not used to them since they also feel sluggish to me but my past week of rides has me faster than I have gone before.

***** on 21/05/2014

The best tires I've ever tried. In summer season it is really nice to ride with low rolling resistance :) The tyre provide really excellent grip in bends and weight is really low. I ordered black one and I love them on my bike. Best tyre for the summer with the best price from Merlin.

***** on 17/05/2014

Excellent tyre! You will notice the difference with a set of these fitted to your bike.

***** on 11/04/2014

Perfect tyres for all road types, fast and durable

***** on 10/04/2014

Always my first choice clincher tyre. Originally bought for racing, but now ride them throughout the year. Fast and great puncture resistance

***** on 10/04/2014

Only just fitted, but first impressions are very good, free rolling with very good grip in wet and dry for a slick.

***** on 09/04/2014

Great tires - roll smooth and I have ridden them 500+ miles with no issues and no flats!

***** on 05/04/2014

Great tyres, used these for 8 months now & still have not got a puncture. Fast and yet responsive. I will be keeping these for a while yet!

***** on 02/04/2014

Always use these tyres, fast, grippy and predictable.

**** on 01/04/2014

Nice rolling resistance and light weight are the two main characteristics and advantages of these tyres. I was a bit worried about puncture resistance, but did not have any problem so far. Rolling resistance is probably as good as the Michelin Pro 4 Comp and better than the Conti GP 4000S, and they are so much easier to put on than the Pro 4 Comp. Don't expect to get more than 2000 mi on these tyres, though!

***** on 15/03/2014

Ride is very smooth and they appear pretty robust. Went on easily without the need for levers I would pour cold water on reviews that question durability they are very similar to equivalent Michelin and Conti tyres. They also look great as do most Schwalbe tyres.

***** on 14/03/2014

These tyres are fast, grippy and offer good puncture protection. I always go for stealthy black as they will go with any frame colour.

***** on 13/03/2014

Graphics are nice, but at the end of the day if you cannot trust your tyres, you ain't gonna enjoy the ride. Schwalbe rubber lets you rip into those corners.

***** on 06/03/2014

Have used these tyres before excellent quality and really fast rolling. The onliy downside is the sidewalls are a bit delicate ( beware of large flints! ) but they are very light for a clincher. Definately not for winter riding.

***** on 27/02/2014

I've been using these tyres for both racing and training on for a few years now, having raced TT's, short & Ironman distance tri's, as well as coast to coast, Lands End to Jon O Groats. These tyres have performed impeccably.
They provide incredible grip and reliability, especially on fast mountain descents in the Alps.
These are without doubt my choice of tyre.
The price offering from Merlin makes them an absolute bargain buy.

***** on 12/02/2014

Very nice tires! Great grip, smooth rolling! And it looks really good on my bike!

***** on 11/02/2014

Great tyres, and at this price I run them all year round. I know exactly where I am with the grip and how far I can push it. They do have a tendency to have small threads appear (probably a technical term for this) which can unravel like a wooly jumper if caught on something. I find I get more than an acceptable amount of wear from them and would purchase again and again specially as Merlin were yet again cheapest on the net.

***** on 08/02/2014

Fantastic tyre. Normally run Gp4000s but these have proven to inspire more confidence at high speed cornering

***** on 02/02/2014

Excellent price and fast delivery of these well approved tyres. I fitted them the same day and they went on easily. I have only ridden the bike twice due to the weather but they seemed quick, very smooth and although I was a little wary of the fact that there was no tread they gripped very well on the wet road surface.

***** on 02/02/2014

Great tyre, good wear and puncture resistance

***** on 28/01/2014

I have been using these tyres for a few years now and won't buy any others, they are fast and provide a predictable ride

***** on 01/01/2014

Very light, fast rolling tyres. When I first used these I was concerned that they would puncture on a regular basis, however, I have pretty much worn my first set out with only one puncture. They don't last as long as other tyres available but for the level of grip and the speed they roll at it is still worth every penny. This is now my third set. Recommended

***** on 23/12/2013

The monthly magazines I get rave about these tyres, and they are not wrong.
I've bought quite a few of these in the last few years and am very happy with them.
Light, fast and reasonably puncture resistant.

***** on 19/11/2013

This is a super light-weight, and high-quality tire. I have been using these for a long time, I did with these thousands of kilometers without any problems... One of the best, I recommend this product!

***** on 19/11/2013

IMO the best 3 season tyre...and at a great price. Superb grip, wears well. Never punctured one yet.

***** on 12/11/2013

Great tyres and fantastic price.
This year I've used Open Corsa's and loved them, only trouble is I've gone through 6 tyres, very prone to punctures and tear up quickly.
Tried a pair Conti 4000s tyres, felt dull and lifeless.
Got a pair of Ultremos sometime in Sept, using them with Mich Latex inners and so far totally trouble free, fast smooth and grip well, looking at them now they will probably do winter, a firm reco....
Gary B..

**** on 27/10/2013


These tyres are light and fast. They grip well and look great.

HOWEVER and a big HOWEVER, do not buy these for commuting. They're definitely not your 'up and down the freeway tyres.'

***** on 23/10/2013

Rode them 46 miles in the rain for the box hill sportive, no complaints, plenty of grip up hill, ridden some tyres up hill with plenty of slipping, these were great, fab colour (bought green and white version). I`m no pro, but should meet my needs as not out daily. Great value Great prompt service too.

***** on 19/10/2013

Great tyre definately the fastest tyre I have used, durability is good and has good cut resistance the. Only thing I can pick on with this tyre is the sidewalls, which thread tends to come off on all the zx tyres I have had but I just cut it off and doesn't seem to affect them!

***** on 15/10/2013

Brilliant tyres for those who want a fast, no fuss addition to upgrade their bike.

I've been riding these Ultremos for around 7000 miles, and although I've heard about some problems others have encountered, I have found them to be nothing short of outstanding.

Factor in that the great service from Merlin offers a par of these cheaper than anywhere else, and you have yourself a winning combination.

***** on 13/10/2013

Rode these at the Box Hill sportive today, 46 miles in the rain, appeared to have plenty of grip and up hill too, better than some for purpose tyres. Rode at 80 psi.

Look great, ride great, that's one ride though, but, happy I am.

***** on 12/10/2013

Have used these tyres before and really like them. They look good, last well and roll quickly. Even though they are totally slick, I used them all last winter with no mishaps.

Great deal from Merlin, and really fast delivery, but that's come to be expected from such a good retailer.

***** on 12/10/2013

Fast rolling tyre. Good grip in all weathers.

***** on 10/10/2013

Great all round road tyres. Being a mountain bike rider I was quite surprised how sure footed and well they grip in the wet. I got about 2,700 miles out my last set.

***** on 07/10/2013

The tyres are extremely grippy though not pushed hard in wet as yet. The have a very good range of air pressure max 140 to suit a whole range of rider weights and wheels. I only use quality tyres so difficult to differentiate fully - all I can say is they performed perfectly and felt slightly more spritely than the GP4000S set I usually ride on.

Web site and pricing from Merlin very good -- the order processing and delivery (standard) is first class, beating the competition.

***** on 22/08/2013

Excellent ride quality, grip up there with the best.

***** on 15/08/2013

Great tyres, really smooth and quick for 100+ miles :)

**** on 07/08/2013

Great tire, comfortable due to good width and volume compared to some other, similar dimension tires. Super light weight and good grip but can be prone to cuts.

***** on 31/07/2013

Fast, light & grippy.

Not the most robust tyre, so beware of pot holes and glass. But if you're careful, you can ride these puppies for a good few thousand miles.

***** on 24/07/2013

Bought to replace the same tyre where I've managed to damage the side wall. Been using these for the last 18 months with no issues. Light, fast and importantly, easy to get on and off the rim.

***** on 21/07/2013

Excellent tyre, real quality great performance combined with light weight

***** on 10/07/2013

Couldn't get these tyres anywhere else (only merlin had the 25mm size) - ordering was easy and tyres were delivered v quickly using standard post. Tyres are great, extremely grippy on some tricky downhills. Would recommend both the tyres and the store.

***** on 29/06/2013

Love these tyres, excellent grip in both wet and dry, good puncture resistance and theylook great on my cube.

***** on 23/06/2013

Terrific tyres and the extra size from 23mm to 25mm made no noticeable difference on the rolling speed but a lot more comfort on a long ride. Merlin delivery, as previously superb.

***** on 14/06/2013

Excellent product. Exactly as described.
Colours are bold and bright.
Recommend this product to anyone.

***** on 09/06/2013

300 miles per week.
Tend to be Quick on descents and Ultremo ZX are sure footed.,they tick all the boxes.

***** on 29/05/2013

This tyre doesn't get good reviews for nothing. It rolls well, has good grip and is fairly robust for a race tyre. I have changed two recently due to cuts in the contact area, but no P's, so the HD protection seems to be working

***** on 22/05/2013

Light and good looking tyres. Great price!

***** on 09/05/2013

Been using ultremo zx tyres for the last few years for summer/race use. Very quick tyres and seem to last reasonably well for a race tyre.

***** on 30/04/2013

These tyres are brilliant! I had these standard on my bike and they lasted for a good year. I recommend these as I only had one puncture and that was down to the the end of the life of the tyre. Well worth the money to keep your wheels rolling! :-)

***** on 24/04/2013

The ultimate road tyre, super light and still very durable.

*** on 18/04/2013

Great race tyre! lght, grippy, responsive and fast. Would not recommend for training though as they (in my experience) puncture quite easily!!!!!

***** on 06/04/2013

Great Tyre, never had these before but I thought they were really good they held me upright cornering on loose grit and going at speed downhill. They seem to roll better than the last tyres I had as well which is always a good thing.

Definatley purchase these again

***** on 18/03/2013

My third pair of Schwalbe ZX tyres. Great tyres in wet and dry conditions, and I have them on my winter hack, my tourer, and my carbon 'speed machine'. As usual, Merlin Cycles provided an excellent service, with good prices and ultra quick delivery.

***** on 12/03/2013

Great tires. Roll fast and have good grip in turns. Merlin delivered to US really quickly and at a great price.

***** on 23/01/2013

Great price... Perfect

***** on 11/12/2012

Awesome light durable tire.

***** on 28/11/2012

Good tyre never let me down. Excellent grip on the wet. I had before Contis which are equal quality but the ZX has a tougher sidewall lower rolling resistance. Speedy delivery to New Zealand, Merlin Cycles its magic.

***** on 04/11/2012

Second set of these, that says it all. Grip well, as good as any puncture resistance and look great. Brilliant service from Merlin, with prices too match.

***** on 06/10/2012

Great product, great value for money. Thanks Merlin

***** on 04/10/2012

Excellent tyres. My previous set had just completed Lands End to John O'Groats without a puncture. Whilst they may be designed for racing they really did work well on my secteur. Gone for 23c and white lines to match the bike. Excellent service from Merlin - next day delivery. Cannot be faulted.

***** on 03/10/2012

Read the reviews and i am not disappointed with these tyres. Early stages regarding puncture protection, but grip and ride comfort is outstanding. Top service from Merlin as always and prices that make them unbeatable. Been using Merlin for years and pointless looking elsewhere for cheaper prices or better service!

***** on 27/09/2012

Great looking tyres at a great price

***** on 25/09/2012

Excellent quality tyre, good grip and rolling resistance, certainly seems to make the bike more responsive. Will definitely buy these tyres again.

***** on 25/09/2012

these are nice grippy lightweight tyres which I like a lot. The ones with a carbon stripe tend to always be a bit cheaper so I always get these. The service was outstanding from Merlin very quick delivery

***** on 22/09/2012

Went for these after many good reviews and so far they seem to be good. Only used them for a few weeks so far but feel fast and grip is good.

***** on 19/09/2012

These tyres are excellent ,lived up to all the star reviews.Very quick,rapid delivery from merlin .well satisfied.

***** on 12/09/2012

I have used Merlin Cycles for 2 or 3 years now they are always competitive on price, the service is great and the website is straightforward. Hence why I use them when there are plenty of others to choose from.

***** on 05/09/2012

**** on 29/08/2012

My third pair. Love them. Light, good value for money. Especially the full blacks.

***** on 28/08/2012

Great tyres at the best internet price.

***** on 27/08/2012

Great set of tyres. Superb quality and look great on my bike.

***** on 25/08/2012

The best tyre, durable and beautiful.

***** on 23/08/2012

Bought these tyres at a very good price from Merlin, they are mush lighter than my previous tyres (Durano S) I have completed 200 miles on them so far. Great light weight, fast tyre.

***** on 22/08/2012

Excellent product,fast shipping. A1 service

***** on 20/08/2012

Excellent tyres and excellent value. Light, easy to fit anv very grippy in the corners. Upgrade bought to accompany my Aksiums and the package makes the daily commute much quicker.

***** on 17/08/2012

great all round tyre, great mix of light weight, low rolling resistance and durability.

Can cut up a little but I wouldn't buy anything else for the summer bike

**** on 16/08/2012

So far the tyre rolls nicely, no problems with cuts or punctures

***** on 16/08/2012

Very happy with this, i wanted some faster rolling tyres which stood up to punctures. Had them for a few weeks now, ridden through all sorts of poor road conditions in Scotland and the Lakes, no flats, roll quickly and turn into corners noticeably quicker than my last lot - almost caught myself out a couple of times.

All in all, very happy with them.

***** on 16/08/2012

best tyres i have ever bought, fast and quiet.

***** on 02/08/2012

Bought this to replace one that had the sidewall slashed on a cyclepath that was being repaired. Great tyre hence buying again has made a great difference on my rides out much smoother and rolls alot better. and the price at Merlin is by far the cheapest around.

***** on 31/07/2012

Superb...light, very fast rolling and give real confidence in the corners. They look great as well!

***** on 19/07/2012

super grip from these tyres, you can trow the bike into a corner knowing the tyres will hang on. They really inspire confidence and allow you to push hard on fast decents. The compound is verynhard wearing with no cracks or slits after a few hundred miles. They are a little pricey, but you cant have a 4k bike and put 10quid tyres on it.

***** on 17/07/2012

Tyre was amazing but the service was even better.Thanks Merlin cycles.

***** on 14/07/2012

Great service from merlin as always
Thanks very much +++

***** on 13/07/2012

Tyres are very good quality and good value for the money
The drink is also good I will definitely be using this webste in the future and recommend it to my friends

***** on 11/07/2012

great tyre, if a bit soft

***** on 11/07/2012

As always excellent service from Merlin - delivery following day after placing order.
Ultremo ZX's have really good reviews in various articles/forums and so far have lived up to expectations with quality of ride/grip. Haven't use them for long enough to test durability.

***** on 10/07/2012

These tyres are a very tacky compound and particularly good in the wet. I'm not sure of their durability as they're new. Also the red and white writing on the sidewalls look great.

***** on 07/07/2012

This is a great tyre, I have used this in the summer, mostly wet in our area and never had a problem. Would recommend to all roadies on a budget.

**** on 06/07/2012

Haven't used the tyres yet but a great price and fast delivery.

***** on 01/07/2012

took a bit longer than expected but no worries quite satisfied good price and products will order again in future

***** on 30/06/2012

excellent with immediate delivery

***** on 27/06/2012

I bought the Schwalbe ZX tyre in plain black as was recommended for best grip and roll. They won best tyre in Cycling Plus magazine. They are a very fast rolling tyre (I believe to be one of the fastest on the market) and have transformed the ride on my Bianchi which now flies.

Merlin's service was top notch with delivery within 48 hours. I have since referred a friend who took delivery of his tyres next working day. Thanks Merlin!

***** on 27/06/2012

i just bought these as i wanted a new set of tyres to do the 100km dartmoor classic. less chance of getting a puncture.
and as for rolling resistance claims from schwalbe i have only just joined the yogis cycling club in plymouth so i'm riding pretty much at my limit with them.but i did get comment from one of the other riders that he was having to pedal to keep on my wheel whilst i was freewheeling on a few occasions.

***** on 25/06/2012

Having read a few reviews and discussing faster rolling summer tyres with friends and fellow roadies, I took teh plunge and ordered a set.

I have been so pleased with them that I ordered a second set for when my first set wear out.

Positives: Fast Rolling / Look Great / Easy to Fit / Great Price from Merlin.

I cant comment yest on how long they will last, but I have nothing but praise for them so far.

***** on 24/06/2012

Prompt delivery as usual,regular user!

***** on 24/06/2012

If these are better than the R.1 then match them with latex tubes for the most cost effective upgrade to your bike.

***** on 20/06/2012

Fantastic service. Tyres arrived the following day. Will continue to use Merlin. Prices are very competitive. Keep up the fantastic service.

***** on 20/06/2012

They do exactly what you want: grip well in the wet and the dry; inspiring confidence in the corners. Good value tyre. I cycle a lot over badly surfaced town roads to get to my training area and they have a number of cuts on the surface as a result of the glass etc...but not a single puncture since getting them. The only tyre I now use.
Merlin delivered them super fast with my new wheels too. Excellent all-round service.

***** on 19/06/2012

These tyres are the best I have used. As much grip as the Michelin Pro 3's but don't cut up anything like as bad-in fact no cuts at all so far. Roll really well and my tyres of choice from now on. Went for the all black ones which look great with the carbon deeps

***** on 18/06/2012

Really nice feeling tyre, looks good rides well and so far no punctures after about 800 miles. I'd certainly go for these again.

***** on 18/06/2012

Very supple excellent grip

**** on 18/06/2012

My friend and I were riding Land's End to John o'Groats (982 miles) and both put on a new set of Schwalbe Ultremo's for the trip ... 4 wheels, 2000 miles, 1 puncture = enough said. These roll well and seem durable.

***** on 18/06/2012

Great tyre, top road handling and look fab on my zipp 404's. i only use schwalbe ultremo zx tyres because of the good quality and puncture resistance on long rides.

**** on 18/06/2012


***** on 18/06/2012

These are fantastis tires, I had a set before and never experienced a puncture in all the time I used them , which is brilliant as they are a racing tyre.

***** on 18/06/2012

So far I have done around 400 miles on them, great rolling efficiency, no puncture so far, I would buy them again, best price on Merlin cycles.

***** on 18/06/2012

Nice and grippy in both wet and dry... light weight and look good too. No punctures as yet (5 weeks), and for only

***** on 18/06/2012

Great tyres, very grippy with minimal rolling resistance and weight. Not yet tested for puncture resistance, which in itself is a good thing. Highly recommended. Usual high standard of service from Merlin.

***** on 16/06/2012

Tried many tyres over the years including the recent Michelin Pro Race 4, these tyres win hands down, they're not a training tyre though, as whilst they have great puncture protection the rubber can get cut up if you ride through a lot of debris. But you don't buy a top end tyre for training so it's a moot point...look after them and save them for race day and you will fly...

***** on 25/02/2012

Bought these tyres in the sale,delivery from Merlin was prompt as usual, fitting them was very easy no tyre levers were needed, and they look superb on the bike, very light tyres.

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