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Benji Haworth

Benji has been around the cycling industry for over ten years now. He started in ad sales for magazines before jumping the fence over into editorial. He writes words and takes pics about pushbikes, both for his day job and in his spare time too. Bike addict. Benji’s interested in all kinds of cycling but has a particular obsession with mountain biking


Christian Moss

Christian is the Social Media manager at Merlin Cycles. Christian brings an air of levity to the blog, coupled with a generous splash of irreverence. As part of his responsibilities, Christian manages the Facebook and Twitter accounts. Christian is also the resident photographer here at Merlin.

BWC penny farthing

Patrick Trainor

Patrick is a seasoned professional, providing marketing & PR solutions to the cycling and event industry. With extensive contacts in the UK cycling press, Patrick is abreast of the latest industry news. If he’s not doing this, he’s probably in Mallorca, or France, or Portugal… ‘Working’

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Bex Rimmington

One of Merlin’s fittest and fastest racers, Bex can also be found manning the phones – and keyboards – of our Customer Services office. A committed road cyclist with knowledge and experience of all manner of drop-bar race bikes. Bex’s race reports really help to give us an insight into the world of serious racing.

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