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Shimano XT M785 Trail SPD Pedals

Shimano XT M785 Trail SPD Pedals
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XT SPD's are designed to take the rigours of off-road competition whilst also being perfect for cross country trail riding.
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Code: PDM785
  • This XT trail pedal is ideally suited to tackle single track and ultra-technical descents with control and confidence
  • The large integrated cage provides excellent pedal to shoe contact increasing stability and control
  • Lightweight and high performance using a forged alloy body, chrome-moly axle and a revised cleat interface for increased stability
  • Beautifully constructed with a strong and slender spindle, using an 8 mm Allen wrench mounting system
  • Slim oval axle body housing sheds mud efficiently and reduces stiction
  • Sealed cartridge axle system for reliability and simplified low maintenance
  • Easy entrysystem and tension adjustment provides plenty of support and holds the cleat firmly in place
  • Includes cleats
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***** on 01/02/2015

Great SPD pedals, comfortable platform and big improvement on older models. Now 2 years old and going strong with zero maintenance, despite plenty of muddy rides and jet washing.

***** on 14/12/2014

Excellent pedals I've had these on my other bike for over a year and they still run so smooth. Easy to adjust tension and cleat engagement is really positive. I won't use any other pedal. Get yours now.

***** on 11/12/2014

Great pedals, so far working well. The extra platform really helps gain traction on the pedal.

***** on 12/11/2014

First venture in to clipless MTB pedals. Great pedal, easy to clip in and out and the extra platform allow to unclip for tricky sections (though really once you get used to emergency clipping out no need for this} Good XT quality.

***** on 04/09/2014

Class bit of kit. Cannot be bettered.

**** on 21/08/2014

Good platform for XC and all mountain, but I found it difficult to clip in with some SPD shoes (Specialized).

***** on 02/04/2014

The price for the M785 was very good, even up against some of the very big online names. Pedals exactly as expected. Very easy Allen key fitting. These are solid pedals with sealed bearing, easy click in an click out with adjustable tension and cleat hold. Cleats are easy to fit and supplied in the box with pedals. This is my second set of this Shimano model for a new bike and would recommend them for anyone wanting to use SPD for XC MTB. Big advantage when climbing!

***** on 18/12/2013

I bought these to replace a set of Shimano M424 pedals that had served me well and took a battering. I find the M785 easier to clip into, and due to the more compact shape, I'm having less pedal strikes. Great pedals and great service from Merlin.

***** on 01/11/2013

Bought these to replace my cheaper ones - what a difference. They are superb. Shoes clip in and out very easy. Highly recommended.

***** on 04/09/2013

High quality pedal, great price, a little bit more room to stand on for those times I unclip in turns and don't quite put my foot back on accurately.

***** on 09/07/2013

Great pedal. Bought to replace a 5 year old set of XT pedals when a bearing gave up. Like the cage / platform - seem to have ability to put more power down.

Service from Merlin as dependable as ever.

***** on 03/07/2013

Great set of pedals. First time I have used cliip ins and very pleased with them.

***** on 22/06/2013

Beautiful out of the box, beautiful out on the trail. They just work brilliantly and I think I'm convinced of the benefits of the trail format over the standard SPD for mountain biking. Easier engagement being the main thing.

Great price at Merlin too.

***** on 20/04/2013

Great pedal, robust design, easy clip in - would recommend especially at this price

***** on 02/03/2013

Love these pedals, I was worried about going to spd from flats, adjustable tension for releasing increases confidence and they feel solid. Worth every penny :-)

***** on 23/02/2013

Very stable pedals easy clip in and out .. merlin sent these out very quickly .. look brill on my bike

**** on 22/02/2013

Good build quality, fairly light and the usual nice action of shimano spds. The cage doesn't do much when you're clipped in but it stops the pedal rolling as much when you go to engage the cleats. Recommended

***** on 14/02/2013

Excellent pair of pedals at a fantastic price. The cage means there is plenty of support underfoot when clipping in, without the pedal rolling along the sole. The weight isn't far off the XTR pedals, but they're a hell of a lot cheaper. Thanks Merlin :o)

***** on 12/02/2013

Great pedals easy to use & maintain, super fast delivery from Merlin.

***** on 10/02/2013

I have used these pedals twice since I bought them. Once for a cross country ride and with the SPD's the up hills seemed easier. I also rode to the local shops with just a normal pair of trainers. This was also ok. Great pedals at a bargain price from Merlin.

***** on 09/02/2013

This is an excellent pedal. The extra contact area really helps with clipping in and restarting on technical stalls. Smooth bearings and light weight mean this is my go to pedal. I have them on both bikes now. Good looking, robust, great value.

***** on 05/02/2013

Got these pedals on all of my bikes, good solid, wide, faultless pedals with XT quality. Last for ages and mine have taken a beating over the years!

Fit and forget :)

***** on 05/02/2013

Great product and service as usual

***** on 03/02/2013

I bought these to replace the older style shimano M520 pedals. Usual shimano quality with positive engagement and excellent build quality. The platform makes cleat engagement easier. Great pedals at a great price, Thank you Merlin.

***** on 01/02/2013

Great pedals, nice platform, reliable shimano quality.

***** on 14/01/2013

As I`ve got older I was finding my old 530`s harder to get back into, after unclipping for whatever reason.
The M785 make it much easier to "find" the pedal and get cliiped back in. Really please with them and got them at a great price from Merlin!

***** on 08/01/2013

Great price, super pedal. The extra platform for me helps out on those sketchy parts of the trail when you really don't want to clip in just in case and then clip in when your safe. BEST PRICE WITH SHIPPING AS WELL!!!!

***** on 01/01/2013

Light well made pedals @ a good price. If they last as long as my previous pedals I will be very happy.

***** on 12/12/2012

Usual fine quality from XT. Pedals look good. Feel secure when clipped in and easy to clip into and disengage from the pedals. Very happy with these and Merlins prompt delivery was great too.

***** on 14/11/2012

Great quality, great priced pedal. Very good for a not very skilled offroader with the increased platform area. Easy to clip in and out, seems to clear mud well. All in all very happy.

***** on 13/10/2012

A week of freeride in Italy and I'm in love with these pedals

**** on 13/09/2012

Nice pedals, light weight and supportive. Smooth bearings and all the quality you would expect from a high end shimano product.

Only slight issue is that they scratch easily i.e. if you miss the clips with your SPD cleat. This makes them look used very quickly. A minor issue!

Fast delivery and good customer service as always from Merlin

***** on 16/08/2012

excellent quality, light, functional and good looking as well!

***** on 27/07/2012

Very comfortable, stops excessive shoe movement ,especially when cleats start to wear.

***** on 19/07/2012

I was skeptical at firt to try clipless pedals , i was always concerned of getting stuck on the pedals on fall down on my side , i am glad to say it's not the case with this awesome pedals from shimano , it super stable and very well made , i also bought shimano M162 to go with these and they are a superb match . if you are afraid to get stuck on those pedals you can always buy Shimano Cleats SM-SH56 , they release easier and work also well with these pedals .. go for it you will be glad you did ..

***** on 17/07/2012

Excellent service. Pedals delivered next day - now all I need is a chance to get out and use them

**** on 10/07/2012

Larger platform than my old pedals, feels more stable. like the allen key crank arm bolt rather than messing about with pedal spnaner. Like the tension adjustment makes it easy to get out when things go wrong

***** on 27/06/2012

Great pedals work well with the Shimano shoes I purchased.

**** on 27/06/2012

Shimano quality but unable to say if cage adds anything as shoes bought same time are too small to try them out!

***** on 25/06/2012

These pedals are spot on. Build quality is excellent.
Clipping in and out is a breeze as you can adjust the tension. The platform makes it easy to find the pedal and get clipped even when the terrain is rough.They also shed mud well. Highly recomended

***** on 22/06/2012

Love the pedals, easy to clip in and dismount. Worth the money

**** on 19/06/2012

Although the extra cage doesn't seem to offer any additional support, it does stop the annoying 'rolling' of more compact clipless pedals. As such it is better suited to technical trail riding where the occasional 'de-clip' needs to be quickly followed by re-engagement with the pedals again. Not a racer's pedal because of the weight but great for everybody else.

***** on 18/06/2012

Great Value, these were originally bought as a replacement for some older M647 pedals. The surrounding cage offers great support and is much harder wearing than resin versions. I liked them so much I bought a second set for another bike.

***** on 18/06/2012

I bought these to replace an old pair of M520 spd's and i made the right choice. The larger external cage makes it much easier to engage the cleat which is important on the more technical trail. It also gives the feeling of greater control on downhill sections. It was also the cheapest price i found.

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