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    Brake pads

    A good quality set of replacement pads can vastly improve your brakes' performance. The pads that come supplied with bikes, or new brakes, can often be nasty cheapy ones that don't offer much in the way of braking power or control. So even if your brakes still have pads in them with lots of life left in them, you may still want to think about replacing them for the vast improvement in performance and handling that will result. These days you can specific brake pads depending on the road conditions and also the type of rim braking surface that your wheel has. Carbon wheels require special brake pads, for example. Wet weather pads offer sharper bite feel and strong, consistent power but they do wear out a bit faster. It's a price worth paying though. Once you've used high quality, specific brake pads you won't ever want to go back to bog standard pads ever again. We stock premium pads from Shimano, Sram, Swissstop and Zipp and good quality affordable pads from BBB and Clarks.