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Latest model Look Keo 2 Max carbon pedals
  • Look Keo 2 Max Carbon Pedals
  • The Look Keo 2 MAX Carbon Pedals is efficient and comfortable thanks to its very wide INOX stainless steel contact surface area (340mm2 - 12% wider than the Keo Carbon).
  • The Keo 2 Max Carbon Pedal is also very lightweight at 122g/pedal (312g for the pair with cleats and hardware).
  • Dual seals, two roller bearings, one needle bearing, and an oversized Cromo axle offer great reliability.
  • Includes grey Keo Grip cleats providing 4.5 deg of float. Lose competitors not power with the Look Keo 2 Max Carbon Pedals
  • Lightweight Carbon Body
  • Larger Platform
  • New Steel anti-friction insert for increased durability and free float
  • Oversized 12mm Cromo axle
  • Adjustable Q-Factor (2mm)
  • Adjustable release tension (9-15Nm)
  • Specifications:
  • Body: Injection Molded Carbon Fiber
  • Axle: Chromoly
  • Float: 0 / 4.5 deg / 9 deg (depending on cleat)
  • Stack Height: 15.7mm
  • Tension Adjustment: adjustable from 9-15NM
  • Weight: 230g/pair
Outstanding pedals .... never miss a beat. My third set of Keo 2 over the years and I have no intention to change. Great value at any price
All positves, as classic Keo 2 max but lighter, didn`t hear any squeaks so far
Love these pedals as they are very high quality and allow incremental tension adjustment over the blade spring models.
Great pedals, fully adjustable and can be rebuilt
Excellent durable light weight pedals
Excellent pedals. Very functional and at a great price.
A extremely reliable set of pedals. A myriad of tension settings. Light pedals but large surface area of contact. Durable. Pedals when clipped out align in a near vertical position which makes starts from stops very efficient. I have LOOK Keo pedals on all my bikes. I highly would recommend these pedals without hesitation.
Outstanding functional set of pedals. For the price you cannot do better.
Perfect pedals. Light and tough.
Excellent service from Merlin Cycles as they delivered very quickly and at a great price. I had been using spd pedals on my road bike for years and finally decided to upgrade my pedals to road style. These are excellent quality and very light. Very easy to clip in and out of which is a priority when cycling around town. Overall I would have no problems recommending these as I now intend to purchase a second set for my other bike.
I already own these pedal, but they became damaged in the toe and wouldn't hold onto the cleat properly. These have been great pedals and to ask if I would buy them again... well I did. It also helps to get them at a great price on, my new fav place to gear up!
This is my second pair of these pedals. The first pair lasted 6 years and about 40,000klms. I am over 100kgs and they have been great with the bearings in one finally giving up the ghost. Great middle of the range compromise.
Lightweight. Strong power transfer, wide base. Excellent pricing!
It is very easy to clip in and out of these pedals. Transfers a good amount of force, especially when climbing a hill. It is very responsive, I highly recommend it.
Very light and excellent power transfering. Great durability too.
In my opinion this is the best pedal in the Keo range. A great looking pedal, very light and with smooth bearings. The release adjustment should have enough adjustment to suit all cyclists. The grey plates as supplied give 4.5 degree of movement, and most cyclists will happy with this. No hesitation in recommending these pedals.
I have these on my other bike. They are my pedals of choice. Easy to clip in and out. They are also very easy to service and keep clean.
I already use these pedals on my other bikes and have to say they are excellent. light, positive lock and easy to engage. Like all pedals need a small amount of maintenance, but have not let me down
I was a bit uncertain about going for these quite expensive pedals, but actually much better than the Keo classic and well worth the extra. Smooth bearings, positive engagement and they always seem to hang at the right angle for clipping in. Light as well. Very pleased.
Great pedals and very light too. I like the metal plate which will hopefully make them last several years. Great service from Merlin as usual.
Very comfortable and easy to use.
Light weight and very easy to clip in and out
Had an older model of the Keo 2 max carbon, have upgraded my training bike and after 8000 miles on the older model the choice of upgrade was a complete no brainer. Spin brilliantly and super smooth. Long lasting as well
Fantastic pedals, used keo classics for six years but the look keo 2 max carbon are different class. You feel more at one with the bike, so secure. Will be buying another set soon for my other bike. You seem to have more power in your pedal action and the keo new style cleats are also very good, a big improvement. I don`t slip now when getting off the bike
Carbon Look pedals , a quality piece of kit for your bike. Release tension is adjustable to suit the rider, supplied with crank washers to give a better Q factor. Easy to clip in and extract out of , been using LOOK pedals since they first came out never had any problems . Supplied with cleats and bolts but no cleat covers so care must be taken when off bike and walking on tiled or slippery surfaces.
The Keo Carbons come in at a great weight combined with the newer, wider platform providing a very stable, secure contact point with your shoe. The supplied, grey, grip cleats make for easy slide-free walking on hard floors and the clip-in and release has a really good positive and reassuring action - you will have no fears of accidental unclipping in the sprint, whether it be for street light or stage-win. Highly recommended, especially at Merlin's price!
Amazing product amazing store thank you
Excellent product and a prompt service
Have used Keo Classic, Sprint & Carbon pedals before & sometimes had pins & needles in foot towards the end of long rides. Time came for replacement & put these on for the first time for the T of Britain Pro ride. Did 100 miles+ with no problem. Larger surface area helped??? Only time will tell .
As advertised...
Great pedals! Light and firm. Solid choice!
Bought as replacement for my worn out original Keos. Out of the box straight on my Trek, they were slightly heavier than my old pedals- not much about 20 grams or so. I find the contact platform wider resulting in a real feeling of instant power delivery to the rear wheel - something I haven't enjoyed since my racing days! (I'm now 54 but manage around 30 miles daily) Another plus was I didn't have to change cleats as my not so old Keo cleats clicked into place perfectly on the new pedals. Only negative point was the squeaking of pedal and cleat when attacking steep climbs but a drop of water on the pedal cures this. Great wee pedals at great wee price from Merlin!
I've used the Look Keo 2 Max before and this is my second pair. I have always used Look pedals and what can I say. They perform great. Perhaps not the lightest, or most stylish, but have never let me down. These are to go on my race bike and the old ones have now been retired to my training bike after approx 20,000 km's. All thats needed is a bearing service.