Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedals Cr-Mo Axle
Look Keo Blade Carbon Pedals Cr-Mo AxleLook Keo Blade Carbon Pedals Cr-Mo Axle
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Look Keo Blade pedals - where innovation meets evolution. Now available with Cro-Mo axles.
  • A carbon compressed blade replaces the traditional retention spring.
  • More secure and positive cleat entry/release.
  • The largest pedaling surface on the market for optimal power transmission.
  • Lightweight: Less than 115g (CrMo axle model)
  • Now available in Cro-mo version
  • Innovation with the goal of safety, lightweight, comfort and reliability.
  • A Carbon Blade does the work of the original traditional spring for cleat retention.
  • Great reliability: double sealed bearings, injected carbon long-fiber pedal body, oversized stiff and strong axle. 12 or 16 retention blades available.
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Reliable and positive engagement, and not much of a weight penalty from the titanium version. I run both, and can`t tell the difference.
Ordered 2 set of this product and i love it.
Fantastic pedals very light very snappy lock-in with the cleat. Could have gone with the 16 but wanted to play it safe due to a recent injury but with that said I still feel completely locked in with this model.
These pedals are great! Lightweight, easier to clip into and out of than my old Look Keo pedals, and they feel like they have a great hold of your shoes. The only small gripe I have about them is that every now and then I get a small squeak from the left pedal, but it's not continuously, so no real bother. Highly recommend!
As good as expected. I changed from 16 to 12, and and after 4 weeks I am sure 12 is my favorite.
Excellent pedal. Light, easy use.
This pedal never fails, and very durable. Bullet proof!
Purchased the 16nm model. Very smooth entry and release. Extremely happy with the shipping time frame. Excellent price! Excellent pedal! Great replacement for my original Look clipless pedals from the mid-1980s.
Get these pedals! They are fantastic. Big improvement over anything you have now.
I've been riding Look CX6 for a number of years and finally decided to change to the Look Keo Blade. Initially worried they wouldn't have the same 'fee'l as my old pedals I was soon proved wrong. These blades a a great fit, snug on the cleat (16nm), very light and most surprising for me a perfect support for all the stresses and strains I place on them whether racing, training or just riding. They arrived quickly and with grey cleats (I normally ride black with no float) and they were perfect from day one. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others.
I was a bit worried about not being able to easily unclip the 16 version but they are fine, stiffer than other pedals I've used but easy enough to unclip. Also very light and easy to clip into. Delivered very quickly by Merlin too.
Bigger surface, Bigger power :O) - increase your KOMs hehehe. I went for the 16nm version
Great price and quick delivery. I've used Look since 1985 and these latest incarnation of the pedal are fantastic. Recommended.
Previous to these I used Look Keo Carbon (Cro-mo) pedals since 2008 and have done over 45,000kms on them - they were one of only 4 components on my bike that I hadn't replaced in that time and still the bearings are great, they are now just have a bit of lateral movement in them so I upgraded to these. So far they feel great, like a better (larger) platform than the previous version and I like the snappier engagement over the previous version. Engagement seems to be a little easier but maybe it's just because I'm so used to Look pedals now. Great pedals, if I were to buy my dream bike, the only difference would be I would buy these pedals with the Ti axle - and that would be purely for weight saving.
I bought these pedals to upgrade from Look Keo classic. I am very satisfied with the quality, low weight, bling factor, clipping action and feedback and wide platform. I have only done one 50+ miles ride with them but my knees were happy campers at the end of the day which is a big plus. The shipping to Miami FL USA was reasonable (2 weeks) and the package was delivered by USPS
Awsome pedals, Great platform and easy to get in and out of.
Great pedals, awesome platform to put down the power.
Great pedals. Been thinking about getting them for a while and when I saw the fantastic price at Merlin I took the plunge. Really nice positive cleat engagement and the pedals feels feel secure. Really pleased with the service from Merlin Cycles too, items came with 1 working day of ordering which was quicker than I had expected. Brilliant stuff thank you.
Excellent product- light, supportive, smooth bearings. Not as light as the Ti axle but half the price Recommended
Great pedals and price is cheap.. Highly recommended
Great pedals. Have a big contact point on your shoe so no hot spots on my foot. feel really smooth.
Good value lightweight pedal. Very positive and loud cleat engagement, at least with the 16Nm version.
Very large platform, smooth bearings and a very solid feeling that your foot is solidly anchored with the carbon-strip mechanism (as opposed to the more "progressive" engagement feeling from the older spring-based technology). And oh so light!
Rode with these pedals today. Need some time getting used to the 16 nm, but I definitely see a difference in my cadence., due to the larger platform. Overall, very happy!
Very large pedaling surface which is important for me. Very stiff as well and good weight too.
ExExcellent pedals with smooth bearings. Shoes remain securely fastened. Good consistency in relation to shoe release.
Easy to install. Clips on and off easily. My previous pedal was a Keo2Max. This is better Recommended
Look have made their pedals lighter with the blade, still reliable, so I am happy with this pedal.
Great pedals
Pedals are awesome love the weight and the big platform
Light and beautiful. 12N is for amatuer.
Nice pedal, excellent price and service from Merlin
The pedals are very good. I had Keo Max 2 and these are certainly a step up. When you clip in, you are in and your feet feel secured. Glad I bought the 12 retention pair, 16 maybe overkill. First ride experienced some foot soreness but the second ride, 170km, they were sweet. The pedals and I are on.
Light weight, easy to clip into and get out. Easy to walk around in as well
light, reasonbale price. much better bearings.
GREAT pedal at an AWESOME price by an AMAZING shop. Almost HALF price and shipping is pretty much FREE! I don't think this shop can get any better. I have already recommended to many friends. If you're going to get this pedal get it HERE.
These pedals are awesome. They provide a larger platform to put down the power than the other Look Keos I have been using and weigh considerably less as well. I was a bit concerned about the extra spring tension with the 16Nm version but you get used to them very quickly. The price I paid for them was the best around and they were delivered to Australia within the week. Can't complain about that!
Excellent pedal, the extra wide platform really helps on the climbs when you're pushing hard! I came from MTB SPDs which I suffered with hotspots, I get none of that on these. More comfortable, lighter, look better and overall a great quality finish, I got a tad bit of creaking but its a look thing apparently, splash of lube on the cleat and it was gone! Perfect!
light and beautiful, however many noise in use.
These are the best purchase I have made apart from the bike. Such a solid connection that I'm now at one, and the deck height is about 2mm lower than what I had. perfect.
Fantastic pedals, a cut above my previous Look Keos - positive engagement, secure yet easy at the traffic lights! Light too, with no hot spots on long/hilly sportives. Commended
Brilliant pedals! What more can I say - the engage every time, and release with minimal effort. Simple, effective design, easy to maintain and all round a brilliant pedal!
Excellent pedals with smooth bearings. Shoes remain securely fastened. Good consistency in relation to shoe release.
Great service, speedy delivery to Australia and a great price. All as usual from Merlin
Very light, easy to handle. However, I think 16nm so hard, good for beginners and 13nm. Looks, very good.
Excellent pedals, large surface area feels comfortable under foot and provides confidence when pedalling hard. The 16nm prevent any loose fitting or slip but require a hard twist to release so probably not for the commuter.
Excellent product, clipping out is a little harder so need to be done before your bike is stationary.
I have to admit I bought these because they were 'carbon', I liked the look of them. I was happy with my other look Keo pedals, but they were nylon/composite, worked perfectly well, but I just wanted a change. When they arrived I thought the box they were in was empty! they fitted easily and they work really well. I bought the higher tensioned spring release and was glad I did. If they made one even higher I would now with the experience of these pedals probably buy them. There is a distinct loud 'clack' as the pedal snaps shut on the cleat, you know your in, even when in traffic and its associated noise. Float with the grey cleats seems to be slightly more in these pedals against the Keo classics I used. I want to try the red no float cleats, but shy away from them as I have a prosthetic ACL in my right knee, I might just have to live with the perceived extra float. Having read about the Keo pedal bearing failures with this pedal on web sites I opened up mine before fitting and finding scant amount of grease in them, gave them a service using the now unobtainable black gold pressure washer resistant grease.. A few hundred miles down the road, I am happy with my expensive bling Keo pedals.