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Shimano M424 SPD Pedals is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
Shimano M424 SPD Pedals
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Shimano M424 SPD Pedals

This item was discontinued 14th April 2021.

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Code:: PDM424
Amazing low priced SPD pedal for all round use including tough Freeride and off-road use.
  • Lightweight and supportive pedal with high impact resin cage for greater foot stability
  • Dual sided pop-up binding mechanism positions the pedal body at 12.5 degrees for easy and fast entry and release
  • Cr-Mo spindle with low maintenance sealed bearing cartridge axle
  • Cleat tension adjustment
  • Weight:472 grams
  • Includes cleats
Allan Works when clipped or not. Smooth bearings. Easy to follow instructions.
Mr Kantzas I use these pedals on my road bike. They combine the practical aspect of the SPD cleats but with a bigger platform provided by the very durable cage. They are a bit heavy but also a great value for money. Even with my SPD shoes I don't have to clip in to pedal away at traffic stops.
Daniel Aditya Lighter than I expected! They're doing a great job for me as I sometimes use my bike without bike shoes. I can comfortably ride with flipflops on those pedals for half an hour+
Mark Good for occasional use without cleated shoes (and some extra support for when you don't manage to clip straight in with cleats), so gives the option of jumping on without messing around to put on special shoes - if you're just popping to the shops for example, but nowhere near the support you'd get from normal flat pedals.
Stewart Great pedals! I mostly clip in when riding, but these pedals have enough flat surface to pedal unclipped on nasty trail sections when I'm a bit unsure. These are my first clipless pedals and the mechanism seems very solid and easy to adjust. Very happy with purchase.
Joe I used to use SDL-SL cleats, however I found them pretty challenging and slippery. The fact that these are double sided and also don't need to be used with cleats (they have grips for regular shoes) is win win for me.
yew This is one of the best value MTB spd pedals I owned so far. Durable, affordable and not hard to clip on as well. In all, this is highly recommended for all level of rider.
Justin Great pedals, use them on my Cyclo-cross bike, easy to adjust
Keith Kruyssen Very happy with these as they provide a nice stable platform both cleated and uncleated. I like the extra stability provided. Excellent service and delivered half around the world in 9 days. Good one Merlin!
Mr Ojeda Well, I tried this pedals on my GT Grade on a trail full of snow... And they were able to handle the ice and the snow! the plastic cage protects the mechanism and serves as a platform when you are not using your cleats. Excellent pedals!!! recommended for newbies and veterans!
Mr Moody Like these, the standard SPD do not give me enough of a platform, as I ride unclicked on the left while in tricky spots.
Dozer. Awesome value. The only other pedal I choose to use are the Shimano DX M647 with the solid cage. For a style of riding other than downhill, the M424 are a must. Easy to fit with lasting spring resistance and a good range of adjustment for tension.
Mr allen Excellent value and easy to adjust. Can't go wrong.
Mr Melville I've been using these pedals for 2 weeks now and I am very happy. I love the extra versatility provided by the extra plastic footing especially in stop and go traffic during my commute. This allows me to easily pedal without having to clip in every time. Very easy to adjust and install, would highly recommend to anyone.
Mr Noble Exactly what I needed. Pedals work well with the cleated shoes and feel sturdy with trainers /flip flops when I'm popping to the shops.
Klunder Bought for an old mountain bike which I use as a runabout on road and easy trail. Perfect, as I can use it with or without cleated shoes.
Mr Duffin First clipless pedal after returning to cycling. Very easy to use for a rookie like me. Recommended.
Mr JOHNSON Great pedals for the price, nothing negative to say about them especially as they came with cleats too. Can't really go wrong with Shimano. Buy some, it's a no-brainer.
Dave A good budget pedal. My first set lasted 3 years so at the price did not hesitate to replace with the same. Original shimano cleats included.
Dave Not for specialists but a good all round good value pedal that can be used without SPD shoes when the need arises. e.g. popping to the shops etc.
Mr Graham Exactly what I was looking for! They offer great grip and stability even when unclipped which is ideal when on a big descent and need the option of putting your foot down quick. Would definitely recommend.
Dr Gustafsson Great pedal. Glad I got one with a cage as it clearly helps to unclip in the tricky parts.
Taff Owen Great price for a good set of pedals. The additional cage makes it easier to get back on the bike and start pedalling if you've stopped halfway up a climb. It means you can still get pedalling even if your not fully clipped in. I also tend to get cramp on the instep but with these they seem to spread my weight (lots of it) a little more across the foot and therefore make my riding a bit more comfortable. They haven't made me any faster, I'm still always last and at the back.
Jeremy Very light for a caged SPD pedal due to nylon instead of metal cage. Excellent function on SPD and good grip on the cage means you don't need to be clipped in all of the time - perfect for technical sections on X-country riding. Also means you can easily ride without SPD shoes should you need to.
Mr Hadwen Great value for money pedals, I feel a bit more confident riding these in the winter mud, especially if you don't want to be clipped in for a particularily hairy section, there is a bit more pedal to get your foot on before being clipped in.
Joe McEvoy Great pedals, very happy with them - excellent quality, bonus was cleats included so could use them straight outta the box. They can be used without cleats too - the central popup part is above the level of the black surround, so that can still be felt while pedalling this way; personally I soon forgot about it, but I'd imagine cycling a long distance in thin-soled footwear might grate a bit. Easy to set up for the cleats, easy to clip out of if needed in a bale-out. Arrived in Derry in a day too - great service Merlin.
Mr Bain Good budget set of spd pedals. My first time using clip in pedals. Won't be going back. Also handy for cycling with normal shoes to work, although a bit slippy when wet using normal shoes.
Mr Gillett Great well priced pedals. I like how you can use them with or without cleats on the occasional quick ride down the shops. Easy to engage and click out quickly when a stack is immanent !
Mr McEwan Two weeks in and so far so good, work really well, better clip in and cleat location feel than the old red and black dx pedals, and not as heavy, will be interesting to see how long they last.
Mr Breiter Easy to fit, cleats included, worn well with mtb shoes and also work well with normal shoes for short distances.
Mr Jordan Just what I was after!! Ideal pedal for a multipurpose bike, practical and comfortable enough to hop on to make a quick run to the shop and great performance when hitting the trails.
Mr Schmitt Pedal very good. Its platform is great and leaves your foot for a more comfortable ride with just sandals or tennis shoes.
Mr Grytsjö These works fine on my commuter...also works fine when riding without my cycle shoes...
Mr Pateman Bought my first pair of these to replace some really old spuds on one of my older bikes cause they were cheap. Then by chance used them for a ride and found that the cage around the pedal really does add to the feel of the bike/pedal stoke. I like this because I like to ride clipped in but I also like the feel of flats but could never get on with not being attached to the bike. These seem to cover all the bases at an affordable price.
Mr Raeside Great pedals at a competitive price point. Comfortable without SPD shoes also.
Mr Baugh First time I have used non standard pedals and I must say I wish I'd have bought some earlier. Very easy to pedal with normal shoes on and you can't feel the clips. When using the clips you can back the tension right off(like me) until you get used to disengaging from them. I really do feel that using the clips along with these have helped my pedalling efficiency and help to take a little of the burn from your legs when going up some of the steeper hills.
Mr Mearns An excellent buy especially at the reduced price. Easy to adjust and can be set to clip out easily; so ideal for the first timers who haven't used spd pedals before. Surrounding cage gives extra support to foot and allows use as an ordinary pedal for those scary rock gardens.
Mr Sutton Excellent beginers MTB pedal. Gives the option of riding without cleats as well. Good value for money.
Mr Norton Excellent value, robust and simple. Can also be used with flat shoes if need be. Good for trail centres as there is plenty of platform to hit if needed.
Mr O'Brien Excellent value for money pedal which offers just that extra bit of help when the descent gets 'tricky'
Mr hading A good funtional light value SPD pedal
Mr Bowles Delivered quickly and well packaged. Pedals as described and as expected because they are replacing some that are showing signs of bashing into things. I find the pedals quick to 'click' into and fairly easy to get unclipped from. I don't have shimano shoes (so those with shimano shoes will probably find this easier.) There is an adjustment screw to facilitate easy unclipping and I need it undone to the point that it nearly falls out. If you have shimano's own shoes they fit better. I know this as my son in law sometimes rides my bike and finds the cleats loose in his shimano shoes. Riding in normal trainers is fine as the wide exterior platform allows the foot to locate enough purchase for efficient pedaling. A good value set of pedals.
Mr Garlick Great product at a great price. Easy to use with or without cleats. Excellent service and quick delivery, thanks.
DougC These are my first SPD pedals and I'm very happy with them. They're easy to get used to and seem to be very robust. They should put up with a lot of stick from the elements and any rough stuff. I also like the fact you can still wear normal shoes with them.
JB Great, good value pedals. And brilliant price from Merlin as always.
Mrs Wills Brilliant fast service - great product - thank you
Mrs Barber The pedals are great. I like being able to ride with my biking shoes as well as regular shoes.
Mr Mok Very good price. Easy to click in and out and the extra platform is great with non- SPD shoes. Recommended.
Mr Terry Great pedals, my first set of spd's and so far so good and done about 30 miles of off road riding on them. Arrived quickly and best price I found online.
BT Only received these pedals yesterday, but riding them with normal shoes is better than expected. I couldn't feel the cleat attachment under foot and my feet didn't want to slide off. Yet to use with clip ins but i think they will be a lot better than the standard shimano's i had on before due to the pop up platform!
John D Excellent beginners pedal, great price and fast delivey