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Time Atac XC4 Pedals is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 11th May 2018.

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Code: TIME-XC4
Time Atac XC4 mountain bike pedals including cleats
  • Weight : 372 g/pair
  • BioPerformance
  • ATAC System (Mastery of easy engagement and release)
  • Excellent debris removal (Self-cleaning concept)
  • Steel axle & composite body
  • Angular freedom (±5°) and lateral (6 mm)
Classy looking pedals. A little confusing with the spring being at the front. They take a little getting used too compared to other brands but on the whole a good solid purchase.
My fourth set of Time Atac pedals. Great for club rides on the road bike so I can walk into the cafe stop without worrying about slipping on the cleats!
Great pedal. I ride them on my tandem bike and road bikes. Permits me to use a mountain shoe with a recessed cleat so when I put my foot down at a stop the shoe is flat for good, steady balance and not resting on a metal cleat.
Very durable piece of kit - I've got TIME Atac's on all my bikes. They're simply the best in all conditions. XC, CX, Fatbike, and etc.
Execellant pedals - been using Time pedals on my Road & Mountain bikes for years. Wouldn't consider anything else.
These pedals are light and solid. Engagement is similar to Shimano SPDs, but a little crisper. I don't feel my foot is going to pop off at the wrong time, but I can still quickly and easily unclip if necessary. Great for XC. Awesome price! Shipping to western U.S. took about 3 weeks.
I`ve not used the pedals in anger as yet but these are lighter than the ATAC ROC which I've been using for Cx for the last few years and the spring appears to be stronger. May get another pair if the off road riding is as good or better than the ROCs, may get a 5th star.
Nice Pedals and release system. Been using Time Atac pedal system since 1991 and think many many more riders should be using them. Always quick and easy to release, never clog with dirt and easy on dodgy knees.
Now ridden these for c30-40 miles on the beginner release setting (Despite having ride time pedals for 15 years.) Personally I don't think they look as good as the old time atac as they are now more angular but mud clearance is excellent, build quality appears Ok although it's early days, and engagement is good. On the downside they seem to be harder to release than my previous pair but this could be new pedals and new cleats needing to settle in. It seems easier now than on first ride but i'm sure my foot turns more than 13 degrees to release. On the plus side despite the beginner setting i've had no accidental release issues.
Time stopped making this XC4 model and forced everyone to the XC6's. They are horrible. The plastic material is different and the springs are forged and break quite easily and often. These XC4's are almost gone. I may buy them all. So happy Merlin still had them in stock.
This is my second pair of time xc's made the switch from shimano years ago. If your looking for a pedal that's easy on the knees and secure enough to handle anything these are the pedals for you. I currently use them on my road, track, and mountain bike and have yet to have a accidental unclip.
Great pedals for the price. Not quite as much float as I was expecting, but my knees are not complaining like they did with Shimano pedals so there must be some difference! Good positive engagement, a little difficult to unclip at first but getting easier now after a couple of rides.
Excellent pedals which I use for cyclocross. Easy to engage and disengage once the cleats wear in. This version has adjustable release tension, which seems to be the only difference from the XC2. Nice wide platform, so if you miss first time clip in you're still OK
I bought these for my second bike. I find them to be much more comfortable, easier and quicker to use than Shimano pedals. The increased float allows my feet to move around a bit more while still being securely attached to the bike. This helps with weight shifting on technical trails without putting additional stress on knee joints. I also find them generally easier to clip in and out of than Shimano especially in muddy situations. These XC4 pedals have screws to enable you to adjust pedal tension, making it harder or easier to clip / unclip, while retaining the same excellent float. The XC2 do not have this function, but are the same in every other repect, including weight. These pedals were previously known as Time Roc Atac, but are essentially the same apart from the name change. I used to have a pair of Time Atac XS Carbon, but the retaining wires on these are a different design and wore down too quickly rendering them useless. The rounded wires on these XC4 pedals are much more resilient and harder wearing. I also appreciate the larger footbed for extra stability, so for me the small increase in weight over the XS carbon (now XC6) is well worth it. Delivery from Merlin was increadibly quick I ordered Friday afternoon and received them Saturday morning! Boxed and ready to go.
As a regular Time user, this is my first go with the Atacs. There isn't much there to collect mud but enough to support the foot. Looking forwards to getting some full day epics.