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Code: 6800-GRP-SO
Full 6800 11 Speed Groupset with 175mm 34/50 chainset & 11/28 cassette

Special offer Ultegra 6800 11 speed groupset

FIxed specification as follows:

  • Chainset: 34/50 175mm
  • Cassette: 11/28
  • Front Derailleur: Braze-On
  • Rear Derailleur: SS Model
  • Chain: HG700
  • Brakes: BR6800
  • Bottom Bracket: English
  • STI Levers: Complete set with all brake and gear cables


Mr Munk In the early 90s I was on a semi-pro team and at that point in time Campagnolo was the conventional choice. But, we were going Japanese so, for economic reasons, we tested Ultegra. However, Ultegra was a long way from satisfying our demands and we pushed for Dura Ace. Accordingly, even though I am not racing at an elite level any more, I have continued to use DA- as I had it the back of my head that Ultegra was sub par. Recently I was building a new bike and spoke with some of the guys from the club that I ride with, sharing my experiences with Ultegra and that it was my intention to continue with DA. Most of them said that I was wasting my money on DA and told me that Ultegra is the same - just a little heavier. I looked into it and found enough positive reviews to convince me to give Ultegra a go. The true test of components is hard use over an extended period! This review is not based on wear but functionality! After some club races and interval training the components have functioned quite well. I must say that the brakes give the best `out of the box experience` that I can remember, allowing my talent for cornering to really shine. I will change the rubber to the other brand that I prefer, but that is because I am very fussy with my equipment and know how that kind of rubber reacts under different conditions (5 stars for the brakes).
Avi Zurel I put this set on a new bike. My previous bike had Ultegra Di2 on it (10 speed). I was really worried that the mechanical system will be inferior and I will be disappointed. However, I completely am not. The shifting is so smooth that you barely need to touch the lever, the brakes work amazingly well over carbon rims (with proper pads of course). 10/10 in my book, not a single bad thing to say about this set.
Mr Mori I upgraded my 2010 cannondale caad9 from 105 10 speed to this Ultegra 11 speed groupset ... smooth and very precise.
Foster Excellent quality groupset from Shimano. It gives me smooth quiet gear changing and reliable braking. As always Merlin dispatch and deliver so quickly and at the best price around.
McKivor Amazing group. Shifts are buttery smooth, brakes are excellent, the trim feature on the front mech allows you to cross-chain all day long, and the rear mech is faultless. Everything works so well I don't even think about the group when I ride - I just ride.
Jeff Great priced item, included all the required cables. I upgraded from a Shimano 105 5700 groupset mix to the 11sp 6800 Ultegra. Lighter, smoother and far better braking performance. You won`t regret purchasing this for an upgrade or new bike build.
Brown What can I say - it's ultegra - it's good stuff. The shifting is superb. Components are light but durable (compared to Dura-Ace). Note that the front derailleur has a new adjustment proceedure
Adam in Indiana My first Shimano group after more than four years of SRAM. Nothing wrong with SRAM, I just wanted to try a high-end groupset, and this is a fantastic price for Shimano's second best offering. As advertised and reported on by many, Ultegra 6800 is smooth, quiet, and feels great under operation. I have to give particular attention to the front derailleur; it has a trim setting for both small and large chain ring as well as an adjustment setting based on where the cable exits your bottom bracket, so while it was a bit of a pain to set up, operation has been excellent. I'm able to use all 11 sprockets with each chainring with no chain rub at all; perfect silence. Coming from a Yokozuna Reaction cable set, the provided Ultegra cables feel a bit mushy and flexy under the hand, but neither braking nor shifting performance seem at all affected. Either the cables and housings are better than they feel, or the groupset is good enough to make up for it. All in all, I'm very happy with the purchase.
Rowe I ride 3-4 times a week and have used Shimano 105 components. Having always imagined of moving up to Ultegra, especially when the 6800 model came out so lashed out at the deal. Not disappointed at all. Class components that will add to the delight of my rides.
Josh The quality of this group is in the name: Ultimate Integrity. Great shifting, easy setup, great looks, you name it.
Boston Dave Well - Basically this is the best deal in the world on these parts unless (a) you're a sponsored pro, or (b) you work for Shimano, or (c) you stole it. If option (d) "ride bikes, have fun, stay awesome" is your speed (like me) then you should save your time and look no further. Delivery was crazy fast too.
Mr Krause Great! I moved from a 9 speed Sora setup to this and it is remarkable. I really like the trim feature and quality of shifts. Obviously, the two extra gears help keep my cadence right where I want it. The price I was able to get this for from Merlin and the service they provide is top notch.
Rozzie Used Shimano for some years now but not to this level. Shimano Ultegra 6800 is an excellent piece of kit as expected. Would have gone for Dura Ace if I had the money but for my level of riding this is perfectly adequate. Highly recommended.
Mrs Bearden Ultegra is always the best Shimano Groupset. Sure, it is not as light as Dura Ace, but is plenty light and a workhorse that will function properly for years to come. Regarding Merlin Cycles: Holy Cow, that shipping was fast. I don't know how they got it across the pond so swiftly, but it arrived WELL in time for Christmas.