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Code: 6870-GROUP
Shimano Ultegra 6870 Di2 Groupset, new 11 speed Shimano electronic groupset

The very latest Di2 groupset from Shimano, Ultegra 6870 is the Ultegra 6800 with the upgrade to electronic shifting.

Groupset Contains:

  • STI, ST6870 Di2
  • Rear Derailleur, RD6870 Di2 (SS model for up to 28 tooth cassettes, GS model must be ordered for 11-32 cassette)
  • Front Derailleur, FD6870 Di2
  • Chain, CN-HG601, with upgrades to HG701 and HG901
  • Cassette, 11 speed (11-32 requires the GS rear derailleur, the SS model will not work)
  • Brakes
  • Bottom Bracket, English or Italian
  • Chainset, choice of crank lengths and chainring sizes
  • Internal Seatpost Mount For use with the internal junction box and cable routing, the battery mounts inside the seatpost.Please note: Seat post bung not supplied with battery.
  • Includes battery, USB charger plus all cables and junction boxes(SM-JC41) you require.



Every gear change is crisp and precise with no rub noise. Glad I changed from mechanical.
Absolutely outstanding bit of kit, just so smooth and effortless. I was undecided about purchasing at the time and I'm so glad I did now. I previously had a mechanical ultegra groupset and the shifting performance is worlds apart, shifting under load especially well. Perosnally I love the shift buttons and the fact they're a simple click, and after half hour I was shifting with out thinking. Also easy and simple to fit and adjust as well. If your thinking about getting it don't..... just go with your heart and buy it. You won't be disappointed!
Awesome, smooth shifting group set. I should have done this sooner!
Shifting is as expected, perfect once set up and super low maintenance, very happy
Fantastic groupset and a brilliant alternative to the Di2 Dura-Ace. 1 year on, and 5000km, perfect still.
I'm going to give this groupset 5 stars despite the front derailleur failing about 3 months after the warranty period expired. I've only seen one other mention online of the cast actuator on 6870 Di2 FD failing so I'm putting it down to bad luck as otherwise the groupset has been faultless. The flexibility, speed of setup and ability to program are very useful.
Great groupset, excellent price. Wouldn't go back to mechanical!
Pricey, but worth it! I bought this group-set from Merlin because, while their prices were on par with competitors, they offered a pick-and-mix of the various parts of the group-set, so I was able to get the exact crank-length and gear ratios I wanted. I've not seen anyone else offer this, and when you're splashing out this much on components, it's important you get exactly the right stuff. The delivery was rapid (I went for next-day delivery, as I needed the bike back in action quickly), came well-packed, and with all the bits needed for my friendly local mechanic to fit to my bike. The groupset itself is beautiful. This is my first experience of electric gears, and I can see why people don't go back once they try them. The shifting is very precise and smooth, even when you do silly things (shifting in a sprint, or swapping chain-ring under load on a climb). The auto-trim on the front mech is a thing of beauty, and hopefully I'll never hear chain-rub again.
I just installed the 6870 Di2 onto my BMC and man, does this group make for an incredible riding experience. I have to say, I am blown away by the beautifully smooth shifting both front and rear, the incredible customization options the upgraded tactile feel of the 6870 Shift buttons. It's unbelievably good.
Smoothest and most effortless shifting you'll ever experience short of Dura-Ace Di2 or the new SRAM Red eTap. Easy to install and maintain, and the value can't be beat at just a hair over 1k
The Ultegra Di2 group is a completely different experience from mechanical systems. Shifting is effortless and always precise, especially at the front, going from the small ring to the big ring. Once you have the adjustments dialed in it's bang on every time. The non-electric components are great as well. Overall, a must-have and well worth the premium over mechanical for those long days in the saddle.
It's not Dura Ace, but this is still a great groupsets. The only think I would do differently is to forego the BB and purchase an after market such as the WheelsMFG BB to prevent the squeaking.
Hands down, the best bang for the buck out there. Perfect shifts. Every. Single. Time. Until disc brakes become the norm on the road, this is the apex of roadie gear.
Wish I'd ordered Di2 long ago, this has made cycling even more of a joy. The groupset arrived with everything I needed to install on my 2015 Trek
Unmatched shifting performance, great shifter ergonomics, long battery life, strong brakes.
Ultegra groupset is the way to go if you want Di2 in your road bike. Very good price!
Excellent shifting groupset, my heart is Campagnolo but my head can't ignore that this is a better groupset than I've ever used.
Wow, what a great groupset. Easy to set up and the performance is worth the cost. On my other bikes I have 105 and Ultegra mechanical and honestly there isn't a huge difference in performance but the DI2 is a whole other level. It was incredibly easy to setup and adjust and performs flawlessly. You can use all 11 cogs on either chainring thanks to the auto trim. Brakes are also a nice improvement from 5700/6700 brakes.
Wow, this groupset is incredible. Easy to install and set up, just feed the cables, plug them in using the little tool, adjust your hi/lo and then follow the instructions for micro adjustment, and all is done. Shifting is smooth and precise, and you can hold the button to shift more than one gear at a time, a god send when you hit a really steep incline or even a nice descent. The kit all looks good, and fits well, although it doesn't include a seatpost plug for the battery, so you'll either have to get that separately or fashion your own. Overall, a massive improvement over mechanical gearing. Before I bought this, I though Di2 was a bit 'gimmicky', however now I realise it isn't, it really works well.
Never miss a shift! Great looks and performance, if you're unsure about electronic shifting, just give it a try you'll never regret it. The group performs flawless and is quiet as a church mouse. Depending on your frame and mechanic skills, the install can be easy peasy, just make sure to set up the front derailleur frame set point and adjust high and low limits properly.. The rest is cake. Merlin Cycles was outstanding!! Unmatched price point and super fast delivery, even across the pond.
Easy to install, works beautifully! Crisp, quick gear changes, self trimming! An awesome upgrade!
Amazing. Upgraded from 2011 Sram Red and cannot be happier. It may not be as light, but the shifting performance and ease of tuning makes the Ui2 set an absolute joy. Would recommend this groupset to anyone who is looking for the performance of the Di2 system without the price.
Wow, super fast shipping. Original boxes, nice touch!. The group came with everything needed for the installation, I did the installation by myself and everything that could need was in the box. The tool for install the cable was in the shifters box, I had some doubt about if was included. There was also including a set of brake cable with housing. The only thing that came in a bag was the cassette, but came sealed and with the manual, so is ok. Installation was really simple, plug and play in my case; them I download the software from shimano and did some update and personalize the multishifting mode. I spend some time looking for the best deal and Merlin without doubt was the best& Considering; price, shipping time, availability and way of pay. Thanks&
Very nice quality as Ultegra always used to be. Price is high but you are paying for the top of the line technology. Everything works precisely, easy to install. Always a bit tricky to feed the di2 calbles through the frame and handlebars but if you really want it - you can achieve it!
I really wanted to try an electronic groupset and this was the best value. So far I have only been able to use it on a trainer..its winter here... And it has proven to be very easy to use and very precise. I am very pleased with this product.
The rear shifting is incredibly smooth and quick, and the front is damn fast. The ergonomics of the shifters are definitely my favorite between Campy/Sram/Shimano, and the new brakes are very powerful.
Set up is super easy, but you do need to download the dealer manual from shimano tech docs, shimano's supplied instructions are not the detailed fitting instructions that they used to be. Got to admit that during my first ride I was wishing I had gone for the Dura Ace mechanical, but this was soon forgotten after the 2nd ride. Once you train your brain your not on shimano STI mechanical and spend some time training the fingers and mind that the actual brake lever is not gonna move then you are away. Definitely would not go back now for anything. To be able to change both front and rear mech simultaneously, either up or down, whilst out of the saddle, uphill and without even having to consider any grinding is just amazing. Di2 aside, the improvement in the brake calipers is also a large improvement on earlier shimano groups.
Outstanding gruppo. I'll never go back to manual shifting! Kit was complete and installed cleanly (by my LBS). Reliable, precise shifting, even under load. The bee's knees.
Exactly as described. All the functionality of Dura Ace at 2/3rd the cost. Internal battery is a definite improvement over the previous version.
My first foray into Di2. I searched endlessly for the best deal and kept coming back to Merlin. Other retailers were quick to try and dissuade with stories of OEM, bubble wrap and no warranties. One quick call to the team at Merlin put all of those concerns to bed. A super quick delivery and everything arrived in original boxes, full instructions, exactly as I wanted it. It's now fitted to my new bike and I couldn't be happier. The shifting is crisp, effortless and precise. Don't buy Dura-ace. It's about the weight of a Mars Bar heavier and the performance difference is imperceptible. For this price, everyone should be trying Di2. Thanks Merlin.
Fantastic groupset at an amazing price. Shifts smoothly quietly and consistently. New 6870 dual pivot brakes are a great upgrade. Very impressed with my first Di2 purchase!
I recently bought a new frame and put ultegra 6700 on, nice bit of kit, but got talking to a local pro and he told me how good Di2 was. After a couple of months I saw that Merlin had reduced their Di2 group set and took the plunge....... WOW what an amazing bit of kit and at a price no one else can come close to match. If you are sat on the fence then now is the time to jump over and take advantage of the electronic age, at this price and from Merlin to you can't go wrong. TRUST ME
Everything that was needed to build a Di2 bike; just as described. Only suggestion to other builders is to also purchase the package of Shimano "cable ties" for internal builds; the inexpensive ties will help reduce any wires from rattling in the tubes.
I purchased this group recently (April 2014). This is my first electronic group and I am looking forward to many years of dependable operation. I have a 7800 group that is still going strong after 10 years. Installation and setup has been easy. The functioning of the group is flawless. I'd mention one more thing, while it's easy to get overly focused on the electronic aspects of this group, the double-pivot redesign of the brakes also represents a huge upgrade over prior groups. The Shimano 6800 series components are an incredible value.
I took the plunge to electronic, and I'm glad I did. I waited until the new Ultegra 6870 was released because of the improvements over the prior generation. The system is very easy to set up. It's no more complicated than plugging a lamp into the wall. The hardest part of the installation is concealing the wires if you don't have a Di2 specific frame. The shifting is superb. Both in front and in back. Merlin provided great service as well.
Smooth and precise shifting, so glad I waited for the 11 speed with internal battery. Easy to change shift buttons using Shimano Etube through PC if you want. It even shifts perfectly when under load. Riding my other mechanical groupset bike will now be a let down. Yes it's well over double the price of the ultegra mechanical but totally worth it. Plus great service from Merlin! Thanks