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Shimano 105 5700 STI Levers - Silver

Without Cables
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Ergonomically designed 10-speed 105 Double Dual Control Levers
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  • Ergonomically designed 10-speed 105 Dual Control Levers
  • Shift cables are routed under the bar tape: re-development and positioning of the internal mechanism provides a faster, lighter and smoother shift
  • Ergonomic shift arc follows natural hand movement with inward shift stroke distance reduced for rapid and precise gear changes
  • Brake lever pivots have been positioned to increase power and improve ergonomics when riding on the hoods
  • Tuneable reach adjusters enable custom fitment for all hands
  • Comes complete with silicon greased cables to further reduce shift friction and increase service life
  • 2 x 10 Speed
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**** on 29/01/2015

Shimano 105 shifters are an excellent compromise between cost and performance. You'll see a difference between 105 and Ultegra and 105, but you're still pretty far ahead of Tiagra.

***** on 10/01/2015

My old 105 levers were about 7yrs old, so it will take some time to get used to the different shape/feel of these, but the shift is smooth and precise. Hopefully they will last as long or longer than my previous pair.

***** on 02/01/2015

These shifters are great. I've used various Shimano model shifters from (ie. 8 speed 600, 9 speed 105 5500, 10 speed Ultegra 6600), and I personally like these the best. I found the quality of the 5700's to be very solid. The shifting (paired with a 105 RD) has been spot on. The hoods are wider/more substantial than previous 105 models, and have been comfortable even on a 70+ mile gravel ride. Although I'm sure the Ultegra 6700's are very nice, they're 50% more expensive than these. If you're looking to upgrade form older versions of Shimano shifters, these are a no brainer. The fact that they're internally routed is by itself a reason to make the jump. The one item I'd like to note is that there's what I'd best describe as a cutout where your thumb sits when riding in the hoods. Not sure why it's there, but doesn't really impact the shifters' performance/functionality/comfort. I've ridden about 1000 miles on these so far, and just bought another pair. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a third...especially at the prices Merlin if offering. I have one pair in each color. It's nice to have the black option, but I think they look really sharp in silver.

***** on 09/09/2014

First, kudos for Merlin Cycles for getting the shifters out to me so promptly. Amazing service and prices.

Purchased these shifters as a replacement for old set of 105's. While it took me a bit to adjust to the cables routing under the tape, shifting was smooth and easy from the get go. My old shifters would occasionally stick between gears, but I have had no issues thus far.

Would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a fairly inexpensive upgrade.

***** on 22/07/2014

The lever blade shape doesn't nestle my fingers as much as my old shifters did, but functionally these are superb. Shifting is much crisper and brake action is more positive than my previous Tiagra. They also enable trim on the front mech, which I wasn't aware of beforehand, and which is neat. It's a bit awkward to fit the shift cables as the entry point is quite hidden under the covers, but once installed it feels like I have a new bike. And speedy delivery from Merlin is astonishing as always.

***** on 22/06/2014

After a recent crash one of my Tiagra shifters was decidedly iffy. So having seen the good deal at Merlin I decided to upgrade.

Overall I am very pleased with the 105 shifters  they are easy to install, look good, have a better action, different angle levers, cables now under bar tape, and superior braking performance when combined with my 105 brake calipers. Cannot fault and well worth the money.

High quality of service from Merlin as always.

***** on 14/06/2014

Excellent smooth action levers. Good looking in silver.

***** on 30/05/2014

No need for anything better. These outperform everything else within the same price/specification range and and are a worthy upgrade from any of the lesser Shimano range. Supper smooth positive shifting and braking with excellent ergonomics. Buy a pair.

***** on 10/05/2014

Bought these to upgrade from the Tiagra levers on my Cannondale. Big improvement! Quieter, smoother shifts and less travel on the levers to actuate shifts. Easy to fit and a joy to use. Very satisfied, - especially since they were half price!!

***** on 13/04/2014

Absolutely smooth and crisp shifting, huge improvement over my stock Tiagra shifters, highly recommend

***** on 26/12/2013

Good product, liked adjustable shims for smaller hands and nice clean look without visible cables. Efficient delivery as always

***** on 07/12/2013

Now I have these on two of my bikes and find them as good as the Ultegra 6700 I have on the third. Very good value for money!

**** on 17/11/2013

I got these shifters to replace my 9 speed system on my winter training bike. Internal cabling routing is neat but can introduce a bit more drag on the cables. So you need to pay special attention to the cable routing and ensure the cables are free running as possible. I managed to get this right and the results are good. The deal at Merlin is one of the best available, however I'm surprised at how expensive road bike shifters are in general. Quick delivery too

***** on 05/07/2013

These are very nicely finished as you'd expect from a mid-tier Shimano product. Once set-up they have a nice positive click and there is a small amount of adjustment on the levers for different sized hands. Comparing like for like with a 7 or 8 year old version there seems to be a little less rubber on the hoods and there is a small opening about half centimetre square where my thumb rests. This is just a very small detail that i've noticed and is not nessessarily a problem or safety issue.

***** on 27/06/2013

Great levers, new routing for gear cables took a bit of getting used to, but they're good!!

***** on 24/05/2013

A really well made product with a quality finish, far better than the Tiagra levers and at this price not very much more expensive!

***** on 26/12/2012

With good name brand like shimano, quality is expected.

Excellent but with good pricing from MERLINS thats WAY TOO

GOOD combination. RIDE ON & keep the tradition!

***** on 24/11/2012

Had to replace my 105 (5600)after the left hand lever had given up with these, to me a big improvement comfy hoods and shifting very pleased and would recommend.

***** on 24/10/2012

I am using these on a cyclocross bike and work great.
Excellent shifters without the gear wires out the side

***** on 18/10/2012

Another Quality product from Shimano....what more can I say....really impressed awesome performance.

***** on 27/06/2012

Really good, work well with my handlebar bag. (My old brifters gear cables were getting in the way of my bag)

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