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Shimano Ultegra 6800 Groupset

Shimano Ultegra 6800 Groupset
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Shimano Ultegra 6800 Groupset, 11 speed Shimano Ultegra groupset, all the Dura Ace features at an great price.
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Code: 6800-GROUP
  • Latest model shimano Ultegra groupset
  • 6800 series 11 speed
  • Shares many of the feature of the Dura Ace 9000 groupset but at more economical price point

Groupset Specification:

  • Chainset: FC6800 34/50, 36/52 or 39/53, choice of crank length
  • Bottom Bracket: BR-60 6800 Sealed
  • Cassette: CS6800 11 speed 11-25, 11-28 or the new 11-32 (11-32 only compatable with the GS rear derailleur)
  • Chain: CN6800
  • Front Derailleur: FD6800 Braze-On
  • Rear Derailleur: RD6800, SS for the 11-25 & 11-28 cassettes if selecting the 11-32 cassette you must select the GS medium rear derailleur
  • Levers: ST6800 brake/gear levers
  • Brakes: BR6800 brake calipers
  • Cables: All cables included

The Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 speed groupset is the successor to the ever popular Shimano Ultegra 6700 10 speed groupset.  There's a lot more to the new groupset that an extra sprocket on the rear cassette. Featuring many of the peformance features of the Dura Ace 9000 groupset the 6800 makes it more accessable to enjoy all of Shimanos latest inovations.

The new Ultegra 6800 groupsets features a redesigned 4 arm chainset that allows 34/50 and 39/53 rings combinations to be used on the same spider, we will also see the 36/52 ratio as seen on the Dura Ace chainset. The brake calipers are symmetrical dual pivot design again brought over from the 900 Dura Ace groupset, 10% more powerful than the 6700 caliper.

The rear derailleur has a GS model to allow it to be used with the 6800 11 speed 11-32 cassette, when used with the compact chainset it gives a gear for every ride and every rider, ideal for the toughest sportives.

All in all the new Shimano Ultegra 6800 groupset offers greater performance than the 6700 groupset with the added advantage of lower weight and the extra flexibility of a 2 x 11 speed drivetrain.

With the groupset you will need a pair of 11 speed compatable wheels, you have the choice of any of the Dura Ace 9000 wheels or the new Ultegra 6800 wheels. There are also the new RS81 C24 or C50 models and a choice of training wheels like the RS61, RS31, RS21 and RS11.

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***** on 01/03/2015

Buying this groupset was the right choice. I have been stuck in a time warp using 9 speed which I thought was the bees knees. Having purchased this groupset I can`t believe the difference in my ride. The shifters are so precise the braking is so powerful. Technology has certainly moved on.

***** on 16/02/2015

Excellent. Changes very smoothly, and plenty of gears for someone used to riding a triple. Levers very comfortable.

***** on 17/01/2015

What can I say? Perfect Shimano shifting and stopping at a killer price. I've used these throughout last summer with no issues - perhaps the biggest compliment I can make is that whenever I needed another gear it was always there, no dramas and very little noise. Worth every penny.....

***** on 05/01/2015

You always get quality when you buy Shimano and this Ultegra groupset is about as good as it gets from a value for money perspective. Everything is individually packaged and the nice thing is that you get to choose all of the components based on the available choices for each item. Currently fitting to a new frame and delighted with the easy way it is going to together. The only downside to this package is that you only get the gear cable, and still have to source the gear cable outer and the full cable kit for the brakes. However, there are some good choices available for cable kits in other brands so did not mind having to make this additional purchase.

***** on 09/12/2014

Bought this to replace the ancient Dura Ace on my winter bike. Works flawlessly. Great having 11-speed -took the opportunity to go 11-32 so I can still do the steepest local climbs at the end of long tough rides. The best improvement over previous generations are the brakes, which are really excellent, even in crappy conditions

***** on 04/12/2014

Great investment. No more sticky or unwanted double shifts. Shifting is now with clockwork precision and that extra gear fills in that big gap between gears to help you maintain a efficient cadence.
Only snag fitting instructions aren't included, so you have to down load the dealer manuals from Shimano's web page.

***** on 08/10/2014

Awesome group set...purchased for my new Crit bike...I currently have DA 9000 on my training bike, and the shifting is pretty much identical.

***** on 04/10/2014

Smooth, quiet and accurate shifts even under load. Very happy with purchase

***** on 01/10/2014

Outstandingly smooth. Rear shifting is buttery smooth, front shifting is quick and reliable. Brakes great. Merlin's price unbeatable, shipping lightning fast. Nothing but good.

***** on 30/09/2014

I upgraded from 2004 ultegra - I took the bike out today and it was like riding a new bike. Everything is better - the shifting is smoother, less force required to shift, very sharp shifting etc. The levers are much nicer than my old ones; lower profile and the cable routing is neater (cockpit is cable free now). This was really good value too. If I knew this would be as good as it is, I would have upgraded last year

***** on 23/09/2014

A fantastic groupset that provides slick shifting, comfortable ergonomics and powerful braking. Made the world of difference from my 5600 105 group that I upgraded from. The 52/36 crankset is a great gearing for my level of fitness. Whilst 11 speeds seemed not essential I have found that the better spread of lower gears means that I can always find a gear for my prefered cadence

***** on 19/09/2014

Lovely slick shifting and the brakes are superb. Upgraded the brakes from 105 and what a difference!

***** on 19/08/2014

Unless you're terrifically lazy (i.e. need electronic gears), or can tell the difference blind-fold between 132 grams, I can't see a reason why not to get this excellent group set. It is brilliant. The powerful brakes, the slick changes. Totally brilliant

***** on 19/08/2014

The 6800 groupset is amazing value. Cheaper and more durable than DuraAce, only only a few grams heavier. Be careful when ordering the bottom bracket - there really isn't a standard anymore.

***** on 11/08/2014

OMG! Amazing. Awesome.
Replaced my cira 2003 105 groupie with this beaut. The difference is incredible. The cranks have no flex, the shifting is smoother than a babies bottom and the feel of riding on the shifters is most comfortable.
Easy to install, easy to adjust and now easy ride.....
Great piece of kit, well worth the money.

***** on 04/08/2014

Superb. The shifting has improved to a puzzling extent from the 6700 version, for both front and rear. When shifting down in the cassette, you don't notice the change, you just pedal harder. No noise, no nothing. The brakes are fantastic. I will stop here. :)

***** on 02/08/2014

Excellent groupset, the brakes are super responsive and the shift if very smooth, big improvement from my 6700 groupset. Will recommend to anyone you won`t regret it.

***** on 24/06/2014

Bought this for my wifes bike, chose perfect gear ratios for mountains, gear changes are perfect and silky smooth every time, 4 days delivery to Perth Australia, all round fantastic groupset and service. She's happy so I'm happy :)

***** on 21/06/2014

I bought this groupset to replace 6700. I went with the 11-32 cassette and GS cage rear derailleur.

Rear shifts are lighter but more defined, especially up the cassette. But the biggest improvement is at the front. The chain climbs instantly onto the outer ring with only a quick flick of the lever. It's almost comparable to a rear shift now.

The brakes are far better too. Shimano have managed to improve both the power and the modulation of the brakes. Much easier to feather the brakes on the limits of grip, especially in the wet.

I've only done about 1000Km so far but first impressions are that this is a big improvement over the old 6700 group.

***** on 01/06/2014

I upgraded from Dura Ace 7900 to Ultegra 6800 and couln't be happier. Much improved brake modulation and power and much better front shifting.

***** on 09/05/2014

Great service from Merlin Cycles, Arrived on time in two days.
Have replaced my 5yr old Ultegra groupset with the new 11spd and there is a noticeable difference. The lever distance to change gear is a lot shorter making quick changes easier, The braking is also a marked improvement on the older set having more power and less spongy cables. The feel of the hoods is another step forward really comfy and more room for larger hands, Makes a difference with internal cables as well.
Less flex with new 4arm cranks and stiffer rings.
Had tried SRAM Red double tap but this feels more natural.

Overall I cannot fault this, WHY oh WHY buy Dura Ace

***** on 29/04/2014

Great groupset! Easy to install. Flawless performance. Super smooth shifting. The 11-32 cassette is a new concept to me and really enjoying it.

***** on 17/04/2014

Brilliant product, downshifts shifts just like di2, upshifts super smooth too. Brakes are excellent - much better than the 6600 I was running before. Looking forward to putting lots more miles in on it!

Only complaint would be that no dealer manuals were included, but they're fairly simple to find online.

***** on 17/02/2014

I had a half set of 105 before that came with the complete bike and now upgrade to 6800. The breaking is really strong, I slide couple of times during the ride. LOVE IT!

The crank is the biggest difference than the previous one. It feels stronger, stiffer and lighter. The power that you put on the pedal can totally reflect from the back wheels.

Gonna start accumulate some mileage now!

***** on 13/02/2014

Excellent groupset. Shifts incredibly well both at the front and the back. I have 105 on another bike and the tactile click on these shifters is much more positive.
The brakes are strong and offer plenty of stopping power both in the dry and the wet. Ergonomics are also better. The lever shape just fits in your hand properly when in the hoods, meaning you can still get plenty of power into the brakes when you need to without swapping into the drops. A smaller touch is that with carbon levers they don't get so cold in the winter!
I haven't had chance to test the 11-28 gear range but look forward to being able to maintain a high cadence even on steeper climbs.

***** on 07/02/2014

Installed on bike and rode 50 miles yesterday. Everthing worked as advertised. My old groupset was shimano 7800, the 6800 is a big improvement. The new 52/36 crankset is just amazing. Went up hills using the same rear gear and cadence as with my old compact crank - but a lot faster with similar power (heart rate).

***** on 04/02/2014

I have just built up my Pinarello Dogma frame with this groupset and it really flies. The frame is not particularly light, yet the bike clocks in at bang on 8kg (with Mavic Ksyrium wheels) due to the lightness of the components.

The shifting is quick and the braking super responsive. A definate improvement on the 6700 series which I was using on my other bike.

My only gripe would be that I really struggled to get the correct tension in the front mech and set it up so it didn't rub across any of the 11 gears. But then that is probably more to do with me than the equipment!

For this price, unbeatable value.

***** on 31/01/2014

Just upgraded from older Ultegra 9 Speed to the Ultegra 11 Speed 6800 Groupset. I chose a 52/36 crankset with 11-32 cassette. I've only been on a few rides since the groupset was installed since winter snows have come to Colorado again. First impressions of the Ultegra 6800:
unbelievably smooth shifting through a huge range of gears!! The newer brakes have a lot more stopping power, as well. New black cable housings spiffed up the appearance of an older Specialized S -Works M4. All in all, an awesome groupset at the lowest price on the planet!

***** on 24/01/2014

Excellent update on a fantastic groupset. The new 11-speed groupset is lighter, slicker and more responsive than ever.

***** on 15/12/2013

Definite improvement over the 6700 Ultegra groupset I`ve up graded from. Was initially concerned that a switch to under bar cable routing would affect shifting but if anything its lighter and crisper. New brake caliper design also impressively powerful with good modulation. I also like the fact that the chainsets are all now the same BCD so I only have to change the rings for the annual pilgrimage to the Pyrenees. Although with 11 cogs out back, the gears are there to tackle most stuff.

***** on 10/12/2013

I finally, as my cycling buddies have great joy in pointing out, upgraded my old Ultegra 6510 and joined the modern world.
Instantly noticing the difference in Crank Stiffness (I was using FSA slk crank), shifting response and comfort of the new shaped STI's in the hand. However for my mind the most impressive thing about the 6800 groupset is the beautifully tactile but yet powerful braking generated from the "Dual-pivot" calipers - fantastic.
Would recommend this Groupset to anyone without hesitation!

***** on 10/12/2013

Completely happy with the results. I used Shimano 2800... Super beginners and now I am riding 100 miles no problem. I could have never survived. I am able to spring to 28 mph in a quick time with no problem whatsoever.
I truly recommend this product to anyone that is considering it for the price.

***** on 21/11/2013

I purchased this groupset for my latest build which has a Titanium frame. It is superb and with respect I wouldn't of expected anything else from Shimano. I have the grey version which suits the Titanium frame to a tee. Shimano once again with the greatest of respect in my opinion prove they are number one with regard to innovation & quality. Thank you.

***** on 19/11/2013

I upgraded to the full 6800 groupset with D-A C24 wheels from the 3 year old 105 groupset which came with the bike when new. I ummed and ahhed for months about whether to splash out on a new bike so I could get Di2 but with hindsight I'm pleased my tiny sensible side won over. The improvements in smoothness of gear change, sharpness of brakes and weight are all significant. Best of all are the levers - the higher pivot point makes for ludicrously easy braking when sitting up and a quick prod leads to a smooth gear change every time. So the Di2 upgrade can wait another 2-3 years because I'm very happy with my mech upgrade! Nothing negative to say except I've heard amazing things about Di2...hence not the full 5 stars. I'll save that for 2 years time!

***** on 13/11/2013

Feels like Dura-Ace but at half the price. Very satisfied so far.

***** on 27/10/2013

Smoothest shift of any groupset bar none. Ultra quiet. Much reduced effort on front up shift. Brake power improved. GREAT buy.

***** on 12/10/2013

Used to build up, an Enigma Excell frameset two weeks ago, excellent groupset, ultra smooth shifting and braking, noticeable upgrade over 105.

***** on 08/10/2013

Beautiful, works better than my Dura Ace 7900 set up on my other bike. Front derailier is so smooth you'd think it was Di2

***** on 01/10/2013

Ultgegra groupsets are worth every penny you pay for them! I figured i spend a little more for the 11 speed 6800 as I already had 11 speed Mavic wheels to go with it.

So, I've built my bike, still waiting for some final little bits to come so that I can finally finish it, but I took it for a quick spin round the block to get feel for it last night. The Ultegra groupset is a massive improvement over my current 105 groupset on my commuting road bike, silky smooth shifting, hard braking and looks a lot better too. What I really liked when I was putting it together, was the accuracy of adjustment of the various parts. Slight turns of a screw are all that is needed to get the correct position of the brakes, or derailleurs.

Overall I'm more than satisfied with this groupset, and looking forward to fully finishing my bike and riding it.

***** on 03/09/2013

Used this groupset on a new build, my previous bike had Ultegra 6600. Very pleased with look and feel of this set. Also lighter than expected now installed on the bike. Easy to set-up, you can find the Shimano dealer installation instructions on the web. Smooth, easy gear changes and excellent braking. New lever hoods are also very comfortable. Overall I am very happy with this purchase. Highly recommended. PS. Did I mention it looks great!

***** on 21/08/2013

Brilliant price for the best groupset I've ever ridden. Clean crisp shifting with no obvious "gaps" in the cassette. Run the 11-32 and its like you have a triple, lowest gear without a weight penalty. Brakes are noticeably better than 6700 and the whole set is a lot lighter too. Not a negative word to say!

***** on 14/08/2013

I replaced my old shimano 5700 with Ultegra 6800 and WOW the difference the weight is 220 grams less then Ultegra 6700. The shifters, derailleurs are same as the DURA ACE 9000. The shifting is the best I have ever experienced. If you are choosing between 6700 and 6800 DO NOT hesitate to to buy Ultegra 6800. You will love it.

**** on 13/08/2013

Really nice product, just done a 100mile sportive with this kit and it behaved perfectly. Was a bit of a pain to set up the front derailleur; the instructions (which had to be downloaded from Shimano and weren't provided with the boxes) could have been clearer otherwise it would have been 5 stars.

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